New recruit!

Hi all,

I’m a returning, yet very new player to ESO. I was looking for a social, active and helpful guild and came across yours on Reddit. I’ve never really made it that far in ESO and I think that’s b/c I’ve never really found my fit with a good guild (as I’ve found to be important to me with MMOs). Here’s for hoping this time sticks! My focus will lie mostly on PvE. Would like to start doing dungeons once I get my feet under me. I’m currently picking up a Stam Warden (Guardian) and I’m at 13 and rising steadily. Hopefully this is enough info, please let me know if there is anything else I should include.

ESO UserID: @Bojanglez13


Welcome to the community we are so happy to have you!

Welcome to Evolved! I hope you’ve found your home with us - it’s a great group of people running the ESO guild!