New to ESO

Good day/evening all,

I got a reply on reddit to join and loved the description of the group and thought , “great fit”
I am a 45 year old dad with 3 kids, all teenagers, one grandson (6) and a full time job. I game as often as I can. Usually get in 2-3 hours 5-6 times a week. New to MMORPG and of course ESO, my first one ever. Been playing for about a week. A little overwhelming but I love the complexity of it. Hope to play with all soon. See you on the field. Thank you for the invite to Evolved Gaming. Hope to get an invite to guild too. I am PC, rank 17 and IGN is rrgdog.

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I just joined too. :tada:

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Maybe we can meet up in game. We can stumble till we learn to walk. :grin: