New to Evolved - Looking to Join the ranks

Hey guys! So I come to you looking for a spot within your guild on Proudmoore. Found you guys while scrolling through Reddit, since my current guild has been dead for what looks like at least 8 months. My main is an enhancement/resto Shaman (probably going to try Ele again with DPS meters and all) which has been his specs since BC. I was an avid raider like most in WOTLK and life has slowed me down. I did jump into mythic raiding during Legion but quit right when nighthold released due to, well to keep it short, my life falling apart.

Anyways, I’m back! Trying to do some causal raiding and get into some Mythic +. I like to say I main as DPS but really, I always do raids and mythics as resto. My schedule is a little tight with an 8 month old and being in the nurse practitioner program but I try to be flexible. I put 110 percent into my work in both real life and WoW life so I feel as though I can be an asset and would love to join!

By the way, sorry for any typos! I’m a night shift RN currently in the ICU applying on my break at work so it’s hard to see everything I’m typing. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Hello and Welcome to Evolved :smiley: Look forward to seeing you in game!! I love doing raids and mythics as a healer too, probably my favorite play style!

This is an amazing community and I hope you love it as much as I do! Best way to get an invite is to hop on Discord or do /who Evolved and whisper someone to talk to an officer.