New to the community

Hello Everyone,
My name is Mighty and as the topic says I am brand new to this community. I took a break from WoW right after I completed the achievement for flying. I took the break because I was bored honestly. I was not part of a guild or community and WoW just really is not meant to be played as a single player in my opinion. Today is my first day back in, besides some auction house stuff, and I received a message in-game from one of the current members and I thought to myself that I should give it a shot and see if I can a WoW family started. So here I am :smiley: Everyone seems to be raiding this evening so I didn’t want to bother anyone in-game for an invite. Hope the raid goes well and see you guys in-game!

Welcome Mighty! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Welcome!

Glad to see new blood! Welcome aboard, lots of new fun coming out in wow.