New World Guide

Server: El Dorado Faction: Syndicate

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, RPG GAME STYLE: PvE with PvP Toggle


Evolved is starting a new adventure within our community. With this new adventure, it will mean we have a long road ahead of us moving forward. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and teamwork to attempt to build this new casual game up into something more. We will try to progress as far as we can through Story’s, Leveling, PvE, and PvP content hopefully working our way up to end game and what it has to offer.

Evolved Information

We are happy to announce that we will be playing on the Server: El Dorado

Factions are powerful organizations locked in the struggle to control Aeternum. After reaching a particular milestone during the early parts of your adventure, you must choose a side in this conflict. We have chosen to go with the Faction: Syndicate.

Company (Guild) Info

While anyone in a Faction can opt-in to PvP while adventuring for some added excitement, danger, and bonuses, the ultimate goal for any Company should be to enable its Faction to control as much of Aeternum as possible.

As our Faction controls more Territories, your attacks against the creatures of Aeternum will be more effective, you will find higher quantities of resources when gathering, craft equipment at higher base qualities, and find yourself luckier when looting. The more Territories your faction controls, the more powerful you become.

Currently we have a Company (Guild) called Evolved

Zone Recruitment

We would love some assistance with zone recruitment. This will help us grow when everyone is out in the World. Please follow the below information on how you can help us.

  • Evolved is an 18+ gaming community looking to grow in New World. We offer a friendly and welcoming environment playing as Syndicate. Message for more info or go to evolved gaming. org

If you get any responses please reply with the following msg.

  • With a large Multi-Gaming Community we do require that you go to our website. evolvedgaming .org and register. It takes about 5 min then it will gain you access to our Forums and Discord

Big thanks to all that are willing to assist us in growing our community in New World.

Table of Contents

Im sure there is going to be an insane amount of information that is going to be coming out. So its time to start gathering it so we can be prepared for the launch of new world. This is still in its raw state so you will need to assist as well as we break things up into different categories.

Questing & Other XP Gains


Leveling up in New World is mostly based on how many quests you complete. The faster you complete the quests, the faster you’ll level up. There are a variety of different quests that you can complete to earn XP, including the faction missions and town projects besides the main storyline quest.

  • Completing the main quests will not give you enough XP to get to level 60. You will need to complete other quests to hit it.

  • Leveling in New World is…slow. It’s a grind. Most MMOs are. Crafting, gathering, and other resource-based tasks are not the most effective method to level up. PvP and PvE missions are the way forward.

  • Use The Respawn Trick - This is a simple trick that helps you cover large distances before you get access to fast traveling. Place down your camp, kill yourself (via the menu), and you’ll respawn back at your camp.

  • Change Up Your Starting Location - You’ll spawn in one of the four starter regions, but some of them having higher-level mobs than others. It can be difficult, to begin with, and that makes it harder to level. Start with the sidequests in First Light when you first enter the game. The mobs are lower level there.

Main Story Quests (MSQ)

The main quest you need to follow is the one marked as bright yellow in your journal (press “J” to open). If you keep doing your main quests without exploring and doing side quests, you will eventually reach a level wall that keeps you from getting the next main quest.

Doing the main quest will give you the highest experience points. Just make sure you are doing all the things below and maximize efficiency when you want to level up fast in New World.

Town Missions

If you have unlocked this through the main quest, you should capitalize on this every single time it is available. Town missions are received through the town board inside a settlement. There are three to twelve missions available at a time and you can accept them all simultaneously. Most of these missions can already be finished once you accept them if you already have the supplies needed for them.

Faction Missions

On top of the town missions and main quests, you can mix in faction missions which should work the same way the town missions do. These give you some experience points but, you are mostly doing this to improve your standing with your respective faction. This will give you the ability to purchase sweet weapons, armor, and a lot of different items from your respective faction NPC.

Before Coming Back To Town

You should complete all quests before going back to the settlement to turn them in. This method should be much more efficient than completing them one by one.

Other XP Gains

Trade Skills

Trade Skills in New World are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master. They are a core component of Character Progression and help drive the player-centric economy of the game. Trade Skills fall into three categories: Crafting, Gathering and Refining, with each having several skills for the player to devote themselves to. Players can invest in any number of Trade Skills and each will be useful in one aspect or another for both the player and other players they may trade with.

Note that you can maximize every single Trade Skill on one character.


Crafting allows players to create Equipment and Items in New World. Crafting skills work as most MMO’s Professions. In New World there are 7 professions: Arcana, Armoring, Cooking, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Furnishing and Weaponsmithing. Each Profession is related to the type of Equipment or Items players can create, as well as the Crafting Stations. Players can only level up each profession by crafting. Improving a profession allows players to unlock new recipes as well as to craft higher tier items.

Recipe & Schematic Tracker

Since the game allows you to salvage recipes or schematics you’ve already learned, it’s often easy to accidentally salvage them multiple times. This tool aims to help you keep track of that.

Your data is currently stored in the browser. This will soon be changed so you can save it all on your account.


Arcana is a Crafting skill focused on crafting Magical Weapons such as Staves. Additionally, Arcanists can craft Potions and Tinctures which are consumables that can provide a variety of effects such as health and mana restoration, buffs and removal of harmful effects such as Poison. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master…


Armoring allows for the crafting of Armor equipped in the head, chest, hands, legs and feet slots. Armorers can also craft Storage Bags to increase the player’s inventory space. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master.


Cooking allows for the preparation of Food that the player can consume to grant special effects such as health and mana restoration, buffs, as well as bonuses to other Crafting skills. Cooks can also create Dyes that can be used to color parts of Armor. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master.


Engineering allows for the crafting of Ranged Weapons used in ranged combat such as Bows and Muskets. Engineering also allows for the crafting of Ammunition for these ranged weapons.Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master.


Furnishing allows for the crafting of furniture and storage facilities for player Housing. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master.

Jewel Crafting

Jewelcrafting allows for the crafting of Trinkets such as Amulets, Rings and Earrings that provide passive bonuses to player characters. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master. Jewelcrafters can also craft Gems that can be affixed to equipment with sockets.

Weapon Smithing

Weaponsmithing allows for the crafting of Melee Weapons used in close combat such as Swords, Rapiers, War Hammers, Great Axes and Shields. Trade Skills are a variety of non-combat skills that the player can invest in and master.



Fishing is the Gathering skill used to catch and obtain fish used as materials for several Crafting and Refining recipes. Fishers can catch a wide variety of fish from bodies of water all across Aeternum. Higher level fishers can detect fishing hotspots which increase the bite speed and rarity of fish caught, allowing them to be more efficient in gathering this resource. Additionally, fishers can use bait acquired from gathering, cooking or dropped by enemies to further increase their chances of obtaining rare fish. Fishers use the Pole tool to catch fish. There are also special Fishing Quests that the player can undertake.


Harvesting is the Gathering skill used to obtain materials ranging from Farm Plants used in Cooking to Cloth Fibers used in Weaving. Higher level Harvesters also gain the ability to track gathering nodes as well as magical plants and creatures from which they can obtain higher-level materials. Harvesters use the Sickle tool.


Logging is the Gathering skill used to obtain a variety of Wood used as materials for several Crafting and Refining recipes. Higher level loggers also have a chance of obtaining rare resources such as sap. Loggers use the Logging Axe tool to obtain wood from a variety of trees and bushes.


Mining is the Gathering skill used to obtain materials such as Ores and Oil used in a variety of applications such as Crafting and Refining skills. Higher level miners can also gather elemental materials including motes, wisps, essences and quintessences which are used to craft elemental equipment and items. Miners use the Pickaxe tool to mine from a variety mining nodes and veins.


Skinning is the Gathering skill used to obtain Animal Hides used as materials for several Crafting and Refining recipes. Higher level skinners also develop a keen sense that allows them to track animals throughout the wilderness. Skinners use the Skinning Knife tool to obtain the hide of a variety of animals. Additionally, Skinners can acquire Red Meat from animals which is used in Cooking


Leveling up a Refining skill allows the player to refine higher-level resources into higher-level materials. As your Refining Skill increases, it makes you more resource-efficient: higher-level refiners have a chance to gain extra refined resources while they refine. Refining is composed of the following 5 Skills.


Leatherworking is the Refining process of treating raw animal hides gathered through the Skinning skill to produce Leather which can then be used in a variety of Crafting applications such as creating Weapons and Armor. Refining skills turn raw resources obtained through Gathering skills into usable Crafting materials and other useful items. Leatherworking involves the melting down of raw ore into metal ingots and more.


Smelting is the Refining process of turning ore into ingots which can then be used to create Weapons, Armor and Ammunition. Ingots can also be used in some Engineering applications. Refining skills turn raw resources obtained through Gathering skills into usable Crafting materials and other useful items. Smelting involves the melting down of raw ore into metal ingots and more…


Stonecutting is the refining process of turning Raw Gemstones obtained through Mining into Cut Gemstones which can then be socketed into Weapons and Armor with Empty Gem Sockets to provide certain effects. Refining skills turn raw resources obtained through Gathering skills into usable Crafting materials and other useful items. Stonecutting involves the melting down of raw ore into metal ingots and more.


Weaving is the Refining process of combining raw cloth fibers gathered through the Harvesting skill to produce Cloth which can then be used in a variety of Crafting applications such as creating Armor. Refining skills turn raw resources obtained through Gathering skills into usable Crafting materials and other useful items. Weaving involves the melting down of raw ore into metal ingots and more.


Woodworking is refining process of turning raw wood gathered through the Logging skill into processed Wood Materials which can then be used in several Engineering recipes as well as Town Projects. Refining skills turn raw resources obtained through Gathering skills into usable Crafting materials and other useful items. Woodworking involves the melting down of raw ore into metal ingots and more.

Expeditions, Corrupted Areas, Named Mobs, Level 60 Gear score


Expeditions are instanced dungeons that are scattered throughout the world of Aeternum. Each expedition offers significant loot and experience for three to five-man parties that are brave enough to face the challenges within.

To be able to enter expeditions, at least one member of the party must possess the appropriate Tuning Orb , which can be acquired either by crafting via the Stonecutting Table or Quests. All players are also recommended to meet a specific level before entering a particular expedition.

Expedition Location
Amrine Excavation Windsward
Starstone Barrows Everfall
The Depths Restless Shores
Dynasty Shipyard Ebonscale Reach
Lazarus Intstrumentality Reekwater
Garden of Genesis Edengrove

Corrupted Areas

Named Mobs

Most name mobs are located in the elite group areas

Gear Score

Once getting to 60 gear starts at 500 watermark. this can only be increased by getting drops from level 60+ mobs and chests in those same areas. Each mob 60+ has a level range of gearscore it will drop. So getting a 600 piece of gear from a 60 mob is not possible.

Territory Standing and Housing

Territory Standing

Territory Standing is a measure of your adventurer’s renown within a region. As you gain Territory Standing, the local populace will recognize your achievements by granting you unique territory bonuses.

Decreased crafting fees, increased XP gain, and even the chance to buy your very own settlement house await you, once you make a name for yourself.


Housing video (44) How Player Housing Works in New World - YouTube

Written guide for the video: New World Housing Guide |

Player vs Player

Open World PvP

Faction Control Points

Each region’s fort is a PvP control point that will provide both territory and global rewards for the controlling faction. These faction control points give players a way to engage in open world PvP that directly benefits their faction.

How To Participate

Territory forts require players to be PvP flagged to enter them. Forts have a control point which players will battle to claim. If a faction has more players inside the control point than any other faction, that faction will begin to slowly capture the control point. The more players that faction has inside the control point, the faster they will capture it. The status of each fort will be visible on the world map, so everyone can see which factions have claimed forts and which forts are currently being contested.

When rival factions are assaulting a control point, region-wide messages will alert players that the location is being contested and draw further attention to the location. Control points will be available to contest immediately upon another company claiming that territory. The only times control points will be inactive will be just before and after Wars and Invasions.

  • Control Points will be activated 60 minutes after a War or Invasion is completed. The Control Point is deactivated once a War or Invasion is declared.
  • Controlling a fort provides a 5% increase to experience gain and 20% increase to influence within that territory for faction members


Faction Control Point rewards are about long-term value and controlling specific locations to earn buffs specific to that location. Control points don’t grant immediate rewards, but instead provide faction members with a 5% increase to experience gain and 20% increase to influence gain within that territory. Additionally, each fort location has a unique global buff for their faction, such as decreasing specific taxes or decreasing Azoth costs for fast travel.

  • First Light: Reduces fast travel weight costs from 5 azoth per 10 weight down to 1 azoth per 10 weight for controlling faction.
  • Monarch’s Bluff: Reduces fast travel distance costs from 5 azoth per 100 meters down to 1 azoth per 100 meters for controlling faction.
  • Windsward: Increases volume of items gained when gathering by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Everfall: Reduces trading taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Brightwood: Reduces housing taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Cutlass Keys: Reduces base Azoth cost of fast travel by 50% for controlling faction.
  • Weaver’s Fen: Increases coin, experience, territory standing and faction token rewards from Faction Missions by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Restless Shore: Increases coins, experience, and faction token rewards from Corrupted Breaches by 5% for the controlling faction.
  • Mourningdale: Increases coin and experience rewards from Expeditions by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Ebonscale Reach: Reduces refining taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Reekwater: Reduces crafting taxes by 5% for controlling faction.

Outpost Rush

These are 20 vs. 20 battles set in a primordial river basin filled with forgotten ancient technologies and hidden sources of Azoth. You and your team will vie for control of strongholds and strategic resources—and you’ll need all your combat prowess and collective wits to win

Territory Wars

Weapons, A-M-P & XP Farms

Weapon Choices


The bow in New World is a versatile ranged weapon that provides both good AOE damage and some heavy hitting single target damage. It excels at kiting enemies and keeping them at range while being able to pop off abilities to damage and hinder your target.

Fire Staff

The Fire staff is a mana-based weapon in New World that scales with intellect. The Fire staff has a great single target and AOE damage making it a top-tier DPS weapon. In this guide, we will discuss the Fire Staffs Mastery Tree, recommended skills, and techniques to optimize the use of this weapon.

Great Axe

The Great Axe is a 2 handed weapon in New World that scales off of Strength. The Great Axe excels at close-ranged combat and provides good self-healing and crowd control. This weapon can be used in both the tank and the dps roles. In this guide, we will discuss the Great Axe’s mastery tree, recommended skills, and techniques to optimize the use of this weapon.


The Hatchet is a 1-handed weapon in New World that scales primarily from strength and secondarily from dexterity. It allows for very quick close quarters attacks making it an excellent option for an aggressive melee playstyle. You can also throw the axe to gain a tactical mid range advantage over your opponent in both PvP and PvE.

Ice Gauntlet

The Ice Gauntlet is intellect-based that allows the wielder to cast spells as well as attack at range. It is stacked with Crowd control and has a ton of area denial abilities. The Ice Gauntlet has a home in both DPS and PVP.

Life Staff

The life staff is a base weapon in New World that scales with focus. It is currently the only healing weapon available in New World which means people interested in the support role will want to slot the life staff. In this guide, we will discuss the life staff’s mastery tree, recommended skills, and techniques to optimize the healing and support role in New World.


The Musket is an accuracy-based, single target, ranged hit-scan weapon in New World. The Musket scales from the dexterity stat primarily at 0.9X and has a secondary stat of Intellect (0.6x).


The Rapier is a very fast melee weapon that is focused on a variety of quick lunge attacks. It scales primarily off of dexterity and secondarily off of Intelligence. The rapier excels at outmaneuvering opponents and applying damage over time in the form of bleeds that will gradually drain your target’s health.


The spear is a Two-handed weapon that deals thrust damage. Its damage scales off Dexterity primarily and has a secondary stat of strength. The skill trees of the spear have a strong selection of both Crowd control and debuff abilities. The spear also boasts the longest range of all melee weapons, giving some advantage in close-range combat.

Sword and Shield

The Sword and Shield in New World is a versatile weapon providing the ability to both dish out damage and tank a ton of damage. The Sword and Shield scales primarily off of strength but dexterity also contributes. It has some very good damage reduction abilities making this the premier weapon choice for tanking in New World.

War Hammer

The War Hammer is a 2-handed weapon in New World that scales solely from strength. It excels at crowd control, and although the swings are slow it can dish out decent amounts of damage. It also has an ability that is taunt gem compatible making this a viable weapon to use for tanking in New World.

Attributes, Modifiers and Perks

Some quick references to help you keep track of all the items that can help you maximize your Attributes, Modifiers and Perks in New World.




Weapon XP Farm

Gold Guide

How to earn Gold

Money or Gold is one of the most important resources in New World as it’s going to allow you to buy things like new gear, upgrades, and lots of other things too. Today I am going to get into how to earn gold, plus a few tips and tricks too so you’ll have your pocket overflowing with gold.

There are few ways to get Gold in New World, so let’s go over them one by one.


When you complete missions and quests, which you can pick up in your Settlement, you’ll get gold. This can range from Faction Quests, Town Projects, and also Side Quests too. Although you can get gold from quests, it’s not going to be the most efficient way to get gold, as some of the quests can be very time-consuming.

Selling Gear

As you go off on your adventures around New World you are going to acquire plenty of loot. This can be rewarded from quests, or when you kill enemies or animals you’ll notice they drop loot. You’ll eventually want to replace your gear with the better loot you pick up, so you can sell loot you no longer need. This isn’t going to be very efficient when you are lower level, but as you progress higher up through the ranks and get better gear then this is going to be a good method of getting gold.

Gathering Resources

New World is full of resources like wood, stone, steel, and other materials too. You can collect these materials and sell them for a nice profit. If you are overflowing with resources then you can make a good amount of gold, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that farming materials and gathering resources are going to take time too. The demand is going to be big for materials and resources as players always need them for leveling up their items.

There’s a couple of strategies you can focus on:

  • Gathering rare resources – Rare resources are going to be sold on for a higher profit due to the rarity of the item. The only drawback with this method is you have to level up your character to get access to rare resources.

  • Gathering low and mid-level items – Weapons, armor, tools, you can gather these low and mid-level items and then sell them on for profit. However, due to the plentiful nature of these items, they are going to command a lower price.

The key to making plenty of gold in New World is checking out the gathering nodes and seeing what resources are in demand on your server and then going after that resource.

At the start of MMOs, the economy of the game hasn’t settled, in the early days and weeks, the economy will be all over the place. Key an eye on the markets and try to take opportunities when you see them.


At the start of the game, this is one of the hardest ways to make gold as it’s going to take some time to level up your crafting abilities to the level where it’s worth crafting to make gold. However, keep going because the higher your skill level the better quality items you can craft, which in turn make more gold.

If you can get in there from the start, and focus level your character on one niche of crafting, then it could be possible to sell your items for a very high price. With the game coming out in a few weeks, it would be worth researching which items you can craft and see what grabs your attention. Once again, pay attention to the markets and watch the value. It’s also worth reaching out to other players who want to craft similar items, you might be able to help each other out.

Hey is there a discord? I found evolved gaming because I’m on el dorado and also syndicate. Looking to join a company and have people to play with/talk to in game.

Yes there is a discord and you can access from the main page for in the upper right corner. click on that game pad and we can get you a invite to the company.

Gear Score / Watermark @ Level 60

This guide is for those that have reached level 60 in New World and are wondering how to properly farm gear score at a steady pace or at least have more information on the best possible rotation for grinding out gear score to maximize efficiency.

The following list provides a rough idea on potential gear score caps for each zone:

  • Level 60: 500 - 510 Gear Score
  • Level 61: 505 - 520 Gear Score
  • Level 62: 520 - 540 Gear Score
  • Level 63: 540 - 565 Gear Score
  • Level 64: 565 - 590 Gear Score
  • Level 65: 590 - 600 Gear Score

Please, do remember that if you aren’t acquiring gear drops from monsters or chests/boxes, the chance increases to acquire higher quality gear along with a potential increase on your watermark. The more you farm, the better, try not to farm in one area too much. Henceforth this sequential order will assist you in properly farming gear score, starting from Level 60 up to Level 66 zones.

WARNING: Acquiring gear through the market and/or player trades will NOT count towards your watermark cap! It must be looted through monsters or chests/boxes.

Group(s) Highly Recommended: These zones usually contain Elite monsters, attempting to run solo can lead to disaster, for fast clearance and least torment from constant deaths, it is best to do these in a group. Preferably 5 players or more.

Attempt to farm in sequential order if possible!
To be more efficient, no need to pick up every gear you see, nor equip them. The watermark registers as soon it drops from a monster (or looted from chests).

You DO NOT need to follow this listed order, you may skip and/or farm in a single map if you wish. But, it is highly recommended to follow this sequential order, if you wish have the most maximum efficiency gear score grind daily. Otherwise, if you do not have the time, follow the list in your own creative way.


Great Cleave
Mangled Heights

Lvl 60 - Dead Fool’s Pass

Lvl 60 - Balebane Maw

Lvl 60 - Mangled Pox Gate

Lvl 60 - Nihilo Visage


Shattered Mountain
Upper Svikin

Lvl 61 - Caminus


Ebonscale Reach

Lvl 62 - Imperial Palace

Lvl 62 - Forbidden Ritual (Samurai Boss)


Genesis of Malevolence

Lvl 62 - Malevolence


Siren’s Stand

Lvl 63 - Forecastle Drift

Lvl 64 - Spire of Melepomene ~ Siren Boss - If you have an orb for bonus loot.


Shattered Mountain
Scorched Mines

Lvl 63 - Ambusti Inferior

Lvl 64 - Ambusti Superior ~ Leviathan Of The Deep Boss - Can be found at the end of the path.


Eternal Pool

Lvl 64 - Eternal Pool

Lvl 60 - The Lazarus Instrumentality (Expedition) ~ The Dark Spriggan Boss.


Shatter Mountain

Lvl 63 - The Tangle

Lvl 64 - Opulence

Lvl 64 - Greater Tribulation

Lvl 66 - Myrkgard Cathedral


Spriggan Swamp

Lvl 60 - Garden of Genesis (Expedition)
Why is this expedition listed as last? Because it contains lvl 55 - 66 Elite monsters, henceforth you will want to be at minimum of 590 Gear Score before attempting to do this for a smooth run. Not to mention the watermark drops will be 590 - 600 if you do this after acquiring 590 watermarked gear.