New World Meeting 7/25/21

Thanks for your interest in Evolved for New World. I am excited for the game and seeing what all it has to offer. I have chosen the El Dorado server. I picked a West coast, because from my experience in Wow that time zone worked for a lot of people. I researched the ones available, and this seemed to have promise of having a strong population.

Our vote for faction in New World has ended and Syndicate has won as our choice for the release of New World. I think it was an excellent choice and I look forward to seeing that side of the game.

I have chosen 3 officers to help me with the game.

The first is Rut. He is my husband, and I am excited to be working with him as a team in New World. He has great organizational skills and is fantastic and helping keep me pragmatic in my choices. He is always willing to help others in the game when he can.


Hi everyone. I’m excited for this game and exited to be a part of the Evolved community in this game. Let me begin with the elephant in the room, you don’t need to stumble over my name. It is Latin which most people are not fluent in. You can call me Rutilus Nex, or Rut for short, whichever you are more comfortable with. I am not typically as vocal as I should be, but as one of the officers I will try to be more engaged and I welcome anyone’s feedback openly, or via whispers, on how I am I doing, or on I how can help out as one of your officers.

The second is Mintalos. I began gaming with Mint in 2016 and he was my raid leader. I always felt he did a great job at keeping the team positive during the raids. He did a great job leading the raid and also kept it fun but allowing for us to go for achievements as we played.

Hi all! Like most I’m excited for the game and will go through withdrawal once beta ends. The main question for anyone that is on the fence about playing the game, is it worth buying? Yes, it is! New world is a vast PVX environment with a ton of things to do while traveling from point A-B. I can’t wait for everyone to get in so we can run events in game pvp and pve.

The final officer I have chosen to help me in New World is Kilmian. I just met him during the beta… He has great knowledge of the game, and he was able to answer most questions asked in chat. I was also impressed by his efforts to group with others in the guild as we were exploring New World. I hope that can be something that spreads in our guild and have an inclusive environment.

Hi all! I have played to level 60 in one of the New World Alphas so I have some experience playing the game, but they have added so much since then. I can’t wait to try out all the new content, especially things like the 5 man team, pvp game mode Outpost Rush. So far New World seems like a great game and Evolved is a wonderful community; I can’t wait to grind, craft, explore, and pvp my way through New World with you all! If you have any questions about the game, or just want some company running quests don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Beta will end on August 2nd and we currently have players on El Dorado as syndicate checking things out. Please feel free to join them. The game will officially release August 31st. There is a twitch skin you can get during beta if you find a live stream that has drops. After an hour it should show in your drops.

I look forward to getting to know everyone through New World. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas or concerns.

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I know Mint had a “yes!” answer for this but I’d really like to explore a bit more about whether the game would be a good fit for me (and any other rare sole similar to me, of course).

I actually really enjoy the “trinity” concept as I enjoy both tanking and healing a great deal more than DPSing. I love guild wars 2 but I was never able to get into their multiplayer PvE content due to this. I worry about how this might play out in New World - is it possible to specialize into those roles? Would it be at all helpful in PvX content to do so?

I have seen some reviews talking about combat not feeling “responsive”. Often with literally no additional information. I think they are probably talking about animations and/or global cooldown? Is there another MMO that you might be able to compare against? I’m not interested in an arcade fighter by any stretch but some of those reviews imply that you feel like you are fighting in mud and that doesn’t sound like much fun.

Speaking of fighting, blowing off steam killing pixels is a large part of what I look for in games. Do you feel powerful? Or, maybe more importantly, can you get to a point where you are essentially a god amongst peasants? In WoW, for example, sometimes it just feels good to fly into a previous expansion and decimate an area because you can. Well, to me at least. Is there anything similar in New World?

How harsh are death penalties? Given my proclivity for attempting the wholesale slaughter of pixels, I feel like I die more than most. I’m curious how harshly I’ll be punished for my consistent lack of humility.

Speaking of a lack of humility - I didn’t mean to bombard you with so many questions. I’m just both very curious and hesitant about New World and it sounds like you guys might be able to help! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I have not tried any of the dungeons so I cannot answer on that part. I can answer on the dying part though! I die a lot. I did not feel too punished other than when I had traveled pretty far and had to go all the way back to an inn. Your gear does take damage and you need to be sure you are salvaging old gear so you have repair parts to fix it.

If you go into a level that is higher than you - It will kill you and quickly. I did not level up high enough to know how much easier things are in low levels if you are above it.

Sorry that does not answer your questions completely but I hope it helps some!

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Hello…My in-game name is Ustiyona. I played through the Alpha and now the beta. I started on the east coast server but just couldn’t get over the lag/crashes. I moved to west coast server El Dorado yesterday and am lvl 26 now. I’m Syndicate and am currently in Brightwood. I would like to join the company if not now at least for launch. I was a Consul and the lead for PvE for a east coast muraders company called heathen lords, I met them during the Alpha. They were really good people and I’ll miss them. I have run a couple of the Dungeons and have good experience with lvling quickly and other stuff. If you can use my experience please let me know…thank you. Cheers!

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Welcome! That is awesome you have so much experience with the game. I will send you an invite to the beta guild today.

Hey guys! So it seems majority of the questions have been answered which is great. Just to add to the topic, I too have tested on alpha and now beta (been crushed every time release has been pushed back) and have gotten the chance to test out all pve/pvp/dungeons/wars/etc and can safely say that it’s all fun and manageable for someone who is a casual gamer. With the added benefit of having a community as great as evolved, I have no doubts that this will be an amazing experience.

The only issue I had while playing the game (with a fairly decent computer that I could run gw2 with no lag) was with my fps while being in town but with a slight adjustment to my settings I was able to keep a steady 60.

Can’t wait to see everyone on release! I’ve already booked a week off for for “vacation” to hit the ground running. Granted release isn’t pushed back a 4th time lol

Welcome to Evolved! That is awesome you have so much experience with the game. I can’t wait for the release to get to know the game better.

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