New world Meeting notes 9/27/21

Welcome and thank you for coming on discord for this last minute meeting. I know we have waited entirely too long for the game to launch and it’s now finally here. First i wanted to welcome Wylco our new in game officer for New World. He will be able to invite and help out in other areas to include recruiting. With launch I have compiled a huge library of in game information that can be found through the links in the pinned message or announcement. This will obviously be updated with the weeks post launch since things can be totally revamped as what is the best.

Now some things have come up over the past couple of weeks such as are we going to base our company out of a city or what are plans to do for grouping up. Regarding cities, I think it’s a personal preference where you find it better to gather, craft, and or trade. Some cities are going to be better for certain things. When it comes to grouping up it’s not impossible especially since everyone ends up at the Hermit very early on. We will try to start groups for things like portal and outdoor elite areas once people start getting to the appropriate level.

As everyone knows Discord will be the best place to group up and to make some new friendships. Please dont be shy, come on and ask questions since our game has a TON of info. Help each other out and create items that benefit each other for the best success
I really hope to see a ton of members using the discord.

Everyone knows that this game is faction based and if you didn’t, now you do. I have joined some of the other server discords to include Arcadia’s. You may ask why is this important, Evolved is supporting the giant war effort by Helping Arcadia get the first zone. This is done by Board Quests and Faction based pvp quests which do also give you the tokens needed for some of the best gear. As far as i know Arcadia will be gunning for Everfall/windsward at the start and plan to have it within 3-4 hours after launch. They have another company named atlas which their crafters. Covenant also has some big guilds. I will be collecting donations which in the start gold isnt really needed for anything. I would like for us to become a name on the server no matter how big or smal we are.