Next Evolved Game Night-Saturday 3/28 at 4 pm PST!

Please take the time to vote for the date/time of the next Evolved Game Night! With so many of us being stuck at home, let’s all take advantage of the time by spending it getting to know new people in our amazing community and just have fun together!

Link to Survey!

The survey will close 3/21 and the date will be announced on Discord by 3/22!

With everything that is going in the world, we know that times are getting stressful and might get worse before they get better. Please remember that our Evolved Community is here for you in these hard times. Our doors are always open if you want to talk or just vent with what the world is going through right now. All we can do is stay positive and be there for each other since our little online family/home is a sanctuary for a lot of us right now!

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And the results are in, the next Evolved Community Game night will be Saturday 3/28 at 4 pm PST! Come hang out, have some fun. Even if you can only stay 10-15 mins, its a great way to relax and take a break from whatever game you mainly play and meet more people in the Evolved Community.