Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

Share your Nintendo Switch Friend Code here. Post what games you currently play. When new games come out just Edit your own post and add that game to your list. That way others can see what games you play.

Here’s how to add friends on the Nintendo Switch:

  • Go to your profile page.
  • Go to Add Friend > Search with Friend Code.
  • Insert your friend’s 12-digit friend code.
  • Choose "Send Friend Request " when it confirms their identity.
  • Press OK.

Now you’re done. Your friend will have to do the following.

  • Go to Add Friend > Friend Requests from their profile page.
  • Select your friend request .
  • Choose "Become Friends."
  • Press "OK."

My friend code is SW-1201-1344-3255

SW-1485-9951-1407 is mine

SW-7535-1300-3726 is mine.

Byasaz: SW-1654-0737-3210

Ish: SW-0310-8657-0426

Sketchie: SW-5647-7603-1017

(Jaila)Aurixa: SW-7535-1300-3726

Gurina: SW-2365-7664-5799

Aellice : SW-8072-9705-1033

Jackburton: SW-6551-9960-5412

DJHaighted: SW-3500-3227-5433