Octoboer Guild Event: Cliffside Lawndarts 7 pm mst 10/10

How it works: Everyone wishing to participate will meet Wedge in-game at a to be announced Wayshrine. He will will then take you to a cliffside location where I(Grimmie) have already fallen to my death. Your task will be to also fall to your death, closest to my body! Whomever dies closest to Grimmie, per Wedge’s discretion will be the winner!

Prizes will include a lump sum of gold
Prizes to be given to the winner and a randomized player that participated!

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I led something like this i ffxiv way back in the day and everyone had a HUGE blast.

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Hope to see you all there this month

omg this is a hilarious idea! I may have to try and sneak online before raid in WoW starts just to watch everyone fall to their deaths! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Friday 5/3/19 Results: Grats @erok413 @DrGert it was a tought tie!!! both decided to split the pot and tempering alloys!

Ha! This sound fun. I will do my best to be there.

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7/2 winner @Macabre
2nd place @Vareli