Only the penitent

Rut and I need this achievement and would like to find 4 more to go with us. I have a rogue so I think it should be fairly easy and it looks like we can reset 10 times if needed. Sounds fairly easy with distract though. We were looking at Sunday 3/31 around 7pm pst. Just looking if anyone else needs this or is interested.


also torvi if you do a @WoW-A in discord in the #wow-a-chat with what you want to do and a link to this forum post… it might help you get more people

Ok I will do that.

Just saw we have an activity for our son that night. Still want to do this but it will either need to be earlier in the day or another day. Sorry!

I would like to help out Torvi! Let me know when you guys end up deciding to do it and I will try to be online.

Ok I am thinking early Sunday afternoon. Maybe 11 pst? Would that work for you?