Open Board Meeting (April 2020)

COVID (Grimmie)


Quarantine due to the virus has taken its toll on all of us, no one has been excluded from its effects. Isolation, businesses, entertainment and many other services that are a part of our daily routines have been closed. While this isn’t new news to any one of us, we wanted to create this meeting as a social emotional check in. Cause Evolved is family :blush:

I am currently on day 26+ of quarentine. Colorado has closed most businesses for most of that time. Some of you may know that I am a teacher, and I teach at- risk, high needs children in an urban school. My job is already tough enough, and its extremely hard being away from my kiddos. But I share this because due to my job, I have extensive trauma informed care practices and training. Quarantine and social isolation can trigger trauma and for some, create new trauma. PLEASE feel free to reach out to me at any time if you need someone to be there for you or to just listen, or to just lurk in Discord with you. Even something as little as having someone “there” with you in Discord can make the biggest of differences in your social/emotional health.

If you don’t want someone from Evolved to talk to OR its more serious please dont hesitate to reach out to 1-800-273-8255 the National Suicide Hotline. They have trained professionals to help, even if your just feeling down. You can also chat online


On a brighter note! Research does tell us that excersize does help! Yes, that’s the last thing we want to hear when depressed and stressed BUT it really does help because it releases endorphins and the much needed serotonin to make your brain feel happy. Once my gym closed, I was really bad at getting my workouts in. I am still bad because I was focused and stressed about gettting a new job (which i did).

However - I plan to commit to working out for at least half of the week. 4 of the 7 days, with the hope that I can do more. For me, I plan on doing rigorous walks in my neighborhood trails since this will be my last spring living in the Denver area.

Please check out the discord channel #health-and-wellness to be my accountability partner!

Financial Stress

On a last note, please be careful with your finances during this time. Sadly, I have seen a huge increase in MLM “sales reps” reaching out to people via social media to join there teams. I advise caution with this. Its rare that people make successful amounts money from this, its hard to say no when its a friend; but the bottom line is usually that you’ll be in the red.

Events (Star)

With so many of us stuck at home due to the Coronavirus, I’ve been trying to schedule Evolved Community Events a bit more often to give us some variety of things to do. Currently the plan is to aim for at least 2 a month, roughly every other weekend. I’ll be trying to vary which day they occur on as well as the time we start to help give people more of a chance to come. If you’ve never been to one of these events, seriously come check it out. You can drop in for 10 mins or stay the whole time. Its a fun way to relax, have some laughs, and just hang out with the people in this amazing community! We have a few different Discord bots we use and I am looking into some new games to add to our collection.

And if you have any suggestions for future events, or know of a really fun Discord bot or free online game, please reach out to me! I am always happy to hear about new ideas and more ways to have fun events for us to do! And speaking of Evolved Game Nights, the next one will be this upcoming Friday 4/17 at around 7 pm PST. So if you find yourself bored, wanting a break from the game you are playing, or just something new to do come join us in the Events channel in Discord!

And the last thing for me, I am looking into the possibility of starting up an “Evolved Book Club.” I’m going to be putting up a survey to start seeing what kind of interest there is and if we have enough people that are wanting to do this. If you are interested, make sure to fill out the survey! This is just the starting stages so will definitely have some planning and organizing to do to get this started, but for those of us that love to read it could be something fun and a bit different to do!

Main Games (Isilaura)

We’re stuck inside, it’s stressful. During this time, or anytime really - if you’re burning out on a game, take a break. Don’t let game burnout add to an already difficult time. If you have obligations in a game, talk with your Leadership about taking a break and what that might look like. Just because you help take care of part of the community, doesn’t mean you don’t need a vacation.

Break your burnout - play another game, pick up a new (or old) hobby, find a book to read, a new show to watch, a new type of exercise, take a class - just something to break you out of your boredom.

NPR posted a really good list of “free things that weren’t free before coronavirus” list, and it has some pretty great suggestions - I actually did a few of the museum and aquarium virtual tours the other day when I was feeling cooped up.

Your love for your “main” game will usually return. If it doesn’t, maybe you discover a new game or hobby in the process of burnout recovery. And that’s a win.

If you don’t want to take a break from your current game, try to reduce the amount of time you do play it and add some side games. We all need something different to play on the side lines. Tae’s going to be talking about games we’re seeing Evolved members playing now, and games we’re looking at in the future. If you need more ideas, check out the games we have listed in our Discord.

Casual Games (Taevarth)

New Games in Beta

  • New World — Beta this April with the Amazon Game Studios announcing that because of the coronavirus outbreak, it has decided to push the launch back to August 25. This will be in the style of an MMO that Evolved would like to be apart of (not sure how much as of yet). We’ll be looking at this one closely. As very little details are out for NW, it seems like everyone will be looking at the beta and its’ streams for details on the game. We will have updates and info pinned as soon as it becomes available.

  • VALORANT by Riot — Closed Beta opened on 4-7-20. Streaming views reached over 1.4mil views on the first day. Valorant is a free-to-play team based shooter in the styles of Counter Strike meets Overwatch. Fast pace objective based shooter with over a dozen guns, bombs and ultimate’s to choose from. Release date on this is not out yet. Check twitch streams if you want to catch game play. We will be organizing groups for this when it’s released. So if you might be interested, keep a look out for this one in the gaming section of discord.

Games to checkout

Cod:MW, Division 2 and League - recently we’ve seen a pickup of casual games within our Community. As we all need fillers or a break from MMO’s from time to time, we lookout for other games people play that they might want to enhance with a group. CoD’s BR and League are F2P while Dv2 cost money. We currently have all the games active daily.

  • The Division 2 — has a guild and if you’re looking to group please hop in the channel or ping the @Division tag to get a invite into the guild or group! I’ve played prior to the expansion that just hit, it’s fun, great to play with others, and it’s pretty easy to catch up.It’s a looter shooter so you get to tweek and tinker your setup to your style of gameplay.

  • COD:MW Warzone — is a BR flex group system. You can queue solo against other solo people, or you can queue into a group (now up to 4 people!). Jump from a plane, and work your way around the map collecting loot and killing everyone in sight. Last team/person standing wins. There’s some unique aspects to CoD’s BR like the Gulang that allows you to jump back into the fray without having to be resurrected. Again, people are in the CoD channel every night so just hop in and join! It’s F2P you do not need the “main” MW game to play.

  • League of Legends — F2P MOBA that you can group with up to 5 people. Most of the time we’re playing casually unranked games for fun. While the community of League can be stressful (online meanies), we are relaxed and tilt-free gaming. If you do like to push ranking, there are those more than happy to join you as well. If you believe you missed the opportunity to play League since it’s been around so long, don’t worry, I just started playing a couple of months ago, people are friendly and willing to show you the ropes. It’s fun!

Discord (Cataclysm)


Missing out on knowing whats going on? Not getting any call out when games are starting up? Well… thats probably because you dont have any tags on connected to your name on our discord. In order to do so you will need to go to the #bot-spam channel, check the pins and then figure out what game tag you want on your account with in our Evolved Server. Many call outs are going on for the casual games that we play. As well as any main games played for when they are having meetings, or events or just any general information.

Game Activity

I know this was talked about last meeting just over a month ago… and i thank the members that have done this… but… we really need more members to start getting this done because it helps us figure out how to change the channels down in our casual gaming section on discord.

We are really trying to attempt to bring our community closer together. We try and add in different channels based on what our members are playing into our Gaming section on discord. But we really need some help from you all as well. When we scroll down the member list to see what people are playing its always coming up blank under there name. We would like to ask all of our members to do the following.

  • Click on your Settings (Cog Wheel) in the lower Left side of discord
  • Click on Game Activity
    • Look for “Display currently running game as a status message.”
  • Move the slider so dot is on left side

Member list

Where is everyone? Does not look like anyone is on. We have been seeing this a lot as of late from members not knowing that there is a discord member list to see when people are on. In the upper right hand corner there is a person icon that when hovered over it says Member list. Just have to click it and the member list will show up.

This is great cause then you can see whos on… and if you have your game activity on like i said above then you can see what game there playing as well… By having the list also on you can see whos on to invite to the game you play as well.

Everything on discord is tied together to assist you when you need something from some one. Guild leadership and up can accept people on the forums and the Jedbot takes care of our discord.

@ Symbol

In the upper right hand corner of discord there is the @ symbol. If you click on this and set it to “this server”. You can see all the latest mentions that are for you so your not missing out on any information. Nice little quick method instead of going to each channel.


  • Pictures — You got any skills with making any graphics? We would love to see what you got. Looking for anything and everything from Evolved Emblems, Logos, streaming and really anything else you can think of. So if your interested in helping out in this please get in contact with Cataclysm.


  • Movie Viewing Parties
  • Other Viewing Parties for streams, games etc
  • Book Club
  • New player tips for wow
  • Horde vs Alliance Race
  • Utilize text channels - food, fitness,
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