Open Board Meeting (Jan 2019)

January 2019 Open Board Meeting Agenda

President’s Welcoming Message (Tae)

  • Set stage for meeting
  • Introduce self.
  • Explain role within Evolved. (President).
  • Short talk about our growth as a community.

Vice President’s Notes & Agenda (Grimmie)

  • Explain role within Evolved. (Vice President) Documents meetings, keeps running agenda, collects and tracks proposed ideas aka get shit done boss, hands out salt

  • Last meeting’s notes: Shared purpose and mission of board and triumvirate, ESO formation, newsletter and EON (Skye) established Horde presence on Area 52 (Soul) streaming/Twitch (Origin) Wow-A 3 raiding teams, successfully killing content (Cata)

  • Brief Agenda Notes:

    • Triumvirate announcements (Issie, Skye, Cata)
    • Board - Soul, Origin
    • Guild Check ins - ESO (Wedge), WOW A( Cata), WOW H (Cata), Atlas (origin)
    • Open Questions


Isilaura’s Message

  • Me and my role - As part of the Triumvirate team, my main responsibility has been to provide leadership and project management - communication, putting out fires, tracking people down, pushing towards a goal, and supporting the board/admins/leaders as they go about their business - these are just a few of the things I would say I do. Things have been a bit relaxed since the holidays, but it’s time to get shit done again. I’m here as a resource for leadership and for any member that has questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Current Projects - The homepage has been live since the first week of December - we’re going to be looking at making some updates to it soon. If you haven’t already signed up on our website/forums - maybe you came in before they went live and are returning to play with us - please look at getting signed up. Everyone else, please look at making sure your Discord name that you provided on the forums is correct. It will be essential in integration, even though I don’t yet have an ETA on that. And just a reminder - Your Discord nickname for the Evolved server should match your forum username. If you need to change your username on the forums, please reach out to leadership. A new bot called Jeeves will be added to the Discord for WoW this week. We’ll have a small FAQ with links to the official FAQ to assist players in its use.

Skye’s Message

Hi all…since we last met, there has been a lot going on! We have some new games and guilds and we also continue to evolve our website! A lot of behind the scenes work is being done by folks generous with their time - I would like to thank you all. As we grow, I’ll periodically hang in the Discord channel to say hi to folks and to be a resource at the organization level. So if you have ideas, suggestions or questions about Evolved at any time, let me know by popping in or reaching out to me via direct message on the forums or in Discord! I am also here as a resource. I have many years of experience leading teams, games, etc…need to talk thru an issue you are having in a game, let me know.

A few community items to cover with everyone.

  • I am producing a quarterly newsletter for Evolved. I’ve made posts requesting contributions but haven’t received much at all. In order to produce the publication many of you have enjoyed in the past, I need your help! The newsletter is for you. What type of items can you contribute?
    • Art, stories, gaming news, profile info (I can interview you if that makes it easier), recipes, movie reviews, con info, etc…
    • Next deadline is 2/28!
    • Q4 2018 newsletter on our webpage
    • Please send all contribution to: and be sure to tell me who you are (forum name) in the email!
  • Donations - the donation button is now up on our landing page. Donations will help support events, expenses, allow us to run contests with prizes, and the like. During Board meetings, I’ll provide updates on the status of our account. Currently, it sits at the original $100.
    • I’ll provide balance and transaction info during each meeting and acknowledge those who donate
  • Community - let’s be more active on FB and forums!
  • EON (Evolved Outreach Network) - We are looking for folks who would like to help us build our community through:
    • Recruiting - resources for RO’s
    • Training - resources for officers
    • Streaming - interaction with the community, fundraisers
    • Social Media - communication channel

Don’t be shy - ask Origin or myself what you can do to be involved! You can PM is, post on the EoN forums , or ping us in Discord!

  • Diablo 3 - I am leading that game…the new season started a week ago…come peek in and play. It’s a game you can pop in and out of easily.

Cata’s Message

Introduce self and role within Evolved - maybe discuss with Julie the Get Together in Vegas?

As one of 3 of the Triumvirate i help to overall see our growth within our ever growing community. I don’t per say have a specific one job i do (Besides the GL of Alliance and Horde). I try and assist everyone so always feel free to come to me for any questions.

Just so everyone is aware and maybe this is something members are confused about. The overall leadership of Evolved. IE the Triumvirate or the Board of Directors do not have control or power over each of the guilds. Just because i am one of the Triumvirate does not mean i can go into ESO and tell them how to run there guild or tell there officers or members how to do this or that. The Guild leader and Officers of that guild do that. We as the Leaders of Evolved as a whole are here to assist and oversee the growth of our community. We rely on the people we put in charge of the Guilds to make the right decisions for there guilds.

Always be on the lookout in our discord and forums for any @ mentions and Pinned topics in each of the discord text channels for more information or your going to miss out. Getting Discord on your phone is a great way to keep in touch otherwise you might be missing out. You have been warned. Hehehehe

We have a 2019 Get Together happening in June. This will be held in Las Vegas. Scheduled Dates: Thursday, May 30 - Monday, June 3, 2019

For more details please get in contact with Julie as well as check out the great post she did on the forums Evolved Meetup 2019 Info Thread

Board Members

Game Director(Soulquake)

  • Hey Everyone, I’m Soulquake, the Game Director for Evolved. I mainly assist our people in setting up Leadership and Charters for games that have need for it, like new MMO’s, old MMO’s that have sparked new interest, and games that benefit from having a leadership structure in general. 2019 looks to be shaping up to be a huge year for gaming, so I also scour the gaming sites for new games on the Horizon that look interesting, I may miss quite a few so please suggest games that look cool anytime, we are a multigaming organization and a lot of us enjoy bouncing around between games. Jackburton just introduced me to Breach which is on Steam, it’s a unique game pitting a team of 4 players vs both a dungeon full of baddies trying to kill you as well as Veil Demon that acts as a dungeon master spawning things to slow you down or stop you all together, and CAN be controlled by a 5th player which is really interesting. One more quick note on a game I found and I will link it in Discord is a new multiplayer rpg game called Hytale, too much to describe so check the website out and sign up for the beta!

Evolved Design Manager (Origin)

  • Hello everyone I’m Origin, Evolved’s Design Manager, I help in establishing the presence and look of Evolved on our Social Medias, Streams, and Website, plus help Skye with EON. I’ve currently been helping assist Hawtness run the Atlas guild. My goal for 2019 is to help DJ in making the website look more visually amazing, as well as working on the streamer section. With that I’ve been seeing several people more interested in streaming and doing so. Feel free to send me a message if you’re a streamer and we can start working you onto the website.


Elder Scrolls Online - Wedge

Since ESO was established in late October, we went from 5 wow refugees to now 90 plus members, all thanks to a strong leadership team. GL, Grimmie XO, Tynk RO Mollie recruitment, Honkie PVE, Fail PVP and Macabre Events officer. The ESO community has been extremely helpful, warm and welcoming to new and returning players. We now have regular, scheduled weekly events: Group Dailies Mondays with Mac, Wed Learning Pledge nights, Friday Night Vet Pledges, Sat map clears. In addition to upcoming pvp events with fail and soon there will be a trials team with Honkie! New expansion, Elsewyr launches this summer with dragons and a new class - necromancer!

WOW - Alliance - Cata

The Alliance side of things is going strong with all the members that it has in it. We have were running 3 raid groups and we moved through the content at a great pace when it came to Uldir raiding tier. We are now into our new raid content and with some of the members that have left we had to move our raid teams down to 2 for the time being. But we will grow again. We are even attempting something new with going to be doing Mythic raiding come feb.

Dota/Range 5 have gone 5/9 Normal

Grumps have gone 4/9 in heroic

In pvp our small group of War mode wednesday members has been growing. They have been also switching it up and doing RBG. If your not a big fan of PvP you should just come and try it out… Some of us that never pvp have been having a blast.

For those of you that know Mint. He is a army vet. He just went through a process off getting a new K9 friend. If you keep up with discord you would see the pictures of him and vinny. Congrats to you and your new family member sir.

A long time member…Well one of my first members i recruited … Araxien has stepped down from being one of the WoW Alliance officers. He has been a really great friend to me over the years with our early morning chats. You will be missed my friend… (Your Gold more then anything). He’s not quitting just taking things slower and enjoying life and other games with in our community.

Also we are losing Matsi as a raid assist. He came recommend by our officers after we had Weeman and rummu step down mid way through Uldir. You were a great assist to our raiding team with your wealth of knowledge and great notes. Thanks sir and wish you the best. You can find matsi playing HoTs and League while he waits for Star Citizen to come out.

WOW - Horde - Cata

We have started recruitment for our Horde side of things on Area 52. We even have a recruitment officer (Byasaz my baby brother) that has been assisting my self in getting some new members in. But i fired him… And im looking for a new recruitment officer. We also have mister Sketchie as our newest officer to assist us with everything.

We also now have a new Raid leader buff to get our raiding off the ground and running. He has been doing a great job our first week of the new raid tier they have gone 3/9 Normal. We can always use more help to get this off the ground so come talk with me or Isi to find out more.

Our goal is to get enough people to start running some higher mythic plus dungeons and work our way up gathering gear until we can get enough members to start raiding as a guild with no pugs. Its a long road ahead of us but with some help and support from our community im sure we will strive.

ATLAS - Hydra’s Den (PVE) - Origin / Hawtness

I’ll be passing this over to Hawtness to handle and stepping down from Atlas.

Q & A / Suggestions (Skye)

  • Skye runs Q&A / Suggestions time
  • Floor opened to members.

Closure (Tae) - End with some sort of ask/reminder to the community.

Additional Notes: