Open Board Meeting (Oct 2018)

October 2018 Open Board Meeting


Isilaura Message

  • Introduce self and role within Evolved

    • Me and my role - Most of you already know me, b/c the largest part of our community came over with our WoW group. I’m the current XO of our WoW Alliance Guild on Proudmoore, and the third wheel of our Triumvirate. As the third, my main responsibility has mostly been to provide leadership and I guess, project management - especially in the areas of keeping everyone on the same page, pushing towards a final working product, editing documents, and supporting the board and admins as they go about their business. As an additional responsibility, I translate the techy stuff into english for Cata and keep him in the loop. I’m here as a resource - feel free to PM me on Discord.
  • Define purpose of Triumvirate

    • Role of the Triumvirate - The ultimate authority of the Evolved Gaming Community. They are responsible for the advancement of the Community as a whole and actively oversee the continued growth and success of Evolved in all aspects. They work with the Board of Directors and must unanimously agree upon all decisions. As with all members, the Triumvirate Members adhere to the Charter and work within its bounds when exercising their authority. What this means is: We’re here to support everyone - from the board all the way down to the member. We want to build a successful community that grows beyond the bounds of our expectations. We might oversee the vast upkeep of everything, but we are also here to guide and coach our Board, our Team, and our Members. We keep things running smooth and iron out wrinkles.

Skye’s Message

Introduce self and role within Evolved

  1. LLC Guardian - responsible for the LLC which is the business side of our organization. This includes the tracking of funds, business document management, taxes, and budgeting once we get rolling. Will provide accounting updates during the Board meetings in the future. This role also means I look out for our reputation. It’s important that we (all of us) represent Evolved with dignity at all times even when it may be difficult to do so.

  2. Leadership Oversight - I’ll be a resource to leaders and officers. I will conduct training and spearhead the implementation of EON - Evolved Outreach Network. Will look to create some training documents to help new leaders and officers in their roles.

  3. Newsletter - Editor of the quarterly newsletter. As such, I will be opening up a contest for the name of the newsletter soon! So start thinking about it. And please, start sending screenshots, stories, news, art, pics, updates, etc. for the newsletter. Send them to

  4. Member Resource - I am here for everyone. Have a question or a suggestion. Let me know! if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out.

Describe work you have been doing to establish Evolved

There has been and continues to be a lot of behind the scenes activity going on by a truly dedicated and enthusiastic team. I am proud to be working with such a talented group! So what have I been doing?

  • Being part of the formation of the leadership group. We knew what we wanted for a new organization now to build it! I made a Discord channel and folks brainstormed organization names, leadership structure, charter details, membership requirements, forum and website platforms, and more! All these items required thought, discussion, and review by the team including myself.

  • Creating the LLC and registering with the state. I also obtained our EIN so we could open a bank account. And then, in turn, opening our own account. Currently, I am in the process of setting up our PayPal account for folks to be able to donate.

Cata’s Message

  • Well for most of all of you, already know who i am. Cataclysm i was the guild leader of WoW Alliance in a guild called Grievance. We took a turn of events while in that guild and one thing lead to another and we ended up leaving and making Evolved for the betterment for not only myself and my friends but all of the future members we will get along the way.

  • My role within Evolved is on the Triumvirate. My Responsibly involve the overall advancement and the growth of the community in any way shape or form. our purpose on the board is to work with all of them to make the hard decisions that will affect our overall community.

  • My other role is the Chapter Leader of the WoW - Alliance game. Being our only main game (Aside from our many other games members play), this is our flagship game that is the start of what we hope will be a real kick starter to what’s to come.

Board Members

Game Director(Soulquake)

  • Introduce self and role within Evolved
  • Discuss/Announce Horde Guild on Area 52(He wants to be GM of Horde Guild lol)
  • — We have established our Evolved Horde guild on the Area 52 server. There are several of us Alliance folks that have officer status, and can hop in and invite your character to the dark side. I am absolutely NOT(lies) the chapter leader of said Horde guild, but if anyone has interest in being a guild leader for the Horde chapter don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Should anyone wish to discuss this further we can have a meeting at any time.
    • Suggest side meeting afterwards for anyone interested in running. “check”
    • Could include other games as well - check interest for poll, etc
    • — As many of you that are in discord know, we have quite a few Evolved members that play anything we can get our hands on. I’ve been scouring the game sites for upcoming games as well as the established games that folks tend to play. We have been adding channels to Discord as needed, and it has been really great seeing folks hopping in and playing. I ask until we have a post/poll set up to feel free to message me directly with any game you feel Evolved would enjoy in any capacity. I am also working on a plan to contact game development studios directly, to use the power of being a gaming community to possibly get beta keys and the like. Thank all of you for playing and hanging out with us.

Evolved Design Manager(Public Relations) (origin)

  • Introduce self and role within Evolved - Hey everyone I’m Origin, I was with Grievance for 5 years. Started with the guild playing Final Fantasy and then it led into WoW where I met some amazing people that I’ve had a continuous friendship with. My role in Evolved is the Evolved Design Manager, basically the design face of Evolved Gaming. I plan and direct the creation of material such as graphics and videos that will maintain and enhance the public image of Evolved. I help maintain the look of all our social media’s (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and Website).

  • Share your thoughts on the “E” and discuss what you would like to offer to the community - Everyone has seen our “E” logo, I hope everyone likes the new design. With the help of several others input on the logo and DJ’s help we were able to design something that is our branding logo that will help establish us a professional look in gaming communities as a guild. The “E” logo idea was to show the little circles being every individual person in the guild right now evolving into the big “E” which represents our guild.

  • Mention growing evolved to multiple games - One of the things I’m going to be working on is with Soulquake is growing Evolved into multiple games as well as working with all the Guild leaders and recruitment officers of all the Evolved community games establish a graphic layout for them so when new people come to that particular game they will see a guild that stands out with a professional look.

  • Coverage of Evolved social media’s (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch) - So on to our social media’s. As of right now we have a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch all set up for our social media’s. They all still have some design looks that need done but I will supply links to all those pages so all of you can go like, follow, join. I’d like to get as much activity on those as possible for each Evolved community to post stuff so every in the guild can see what each game is doing. It’ll also contain alot of our newsletters, updates, and more.

  • Setting up a Twitch platform/outlook for streaming and Team - I’m really wanting to push Twitch for us for streaming. Streaming is a good strong social media to use to showcase what Evolved as a guild is doing as far as news, game talk, and players playing the games they love. Twitch gives a good visual into what we can provide and play. I will be looking for those that would like to be apart of our Twitch team. I will supply all the info on how to start up twtich for those interested as well as provide graphics to pimp your channel.

  • Talk about the website and the look we’re going for - The last thing I need to cover is the design and idea that will be showcasing our look for the website mainly but our forums as well. So with the website we wanted a website first off that is a 2018 website and visually looks appealing to whoever comes to site if it was a member or a possible new recruit. We wanted a website that people will want to actually goto to see what’s going on in Evolved. We wanted our main page to showcase our news, our multi guild accomplishments, our screenshots and videos, as well as our streaming. So when you come to our main page you’re going to see lots of eye candy on all of Evolved. Each page will contain tons of info and images to support each function of the website. You wanna see who’s streaming right now, bam goto the website and on the main page there will be a app showing who’s all streaming right then and there.

Technical Advisor (???) (if voted in, otherwise Punchy/DJ/Borders share)

*** Forums and website update**


WOW - Alliance - Cata

  • Well to start we have been doing great in all areas of what BFA has to offer. Island xpos for leveling is a great alt then just questing for new toons people are leveling up. the warmode leveling brings a new aspect of leveling as well in terms of Proudmoore was always a PvE realm. The RTS style game play brings a different way to gear up.

  • Our raiding is doing really well. With running 3 raid groups and them all being with in 1 boss of each other in heroics its crazy. Really great job done by all our Raid leaders and Raid assists… As well as the other members that help out as well in calling out items and giving input to get the job done.

  • We have started recruitment as well to try and get some fresh new voices into the guild. Even though we dont have a forums ATM. Myself and Isi have made a way that we can until we have a proper App section complete. Once the forums are done we will have it that all members will have to register on the website which in term means the forums as well.

  • Our recruitment posts are up in the WoW-A-Announcment section on discord with links. It would be very helpful if anyone every now and again could just go and post a quick sentence or short story to help keep the topic up on the first page.

  • Myself and Isi have gone through our WoW Charter and made some changes. We will be posting this shortly to provide you with all the new changes.

  • Huge shout out towards all my officers that really made this switch over really easy. Each and everyone of you really stepped it up in terms of coming together as a team. Could not ask for a greater bunch of people. so thanks for all of that.

  • To all my members, without all of your assistance through the questions asked, running people around the new zones in terms of mythics and mythic plus dungeons, to all the world PvP (which is a blast for those that have never done it), down to just being on discord and engaging in chatter. This is what our community i hope is going to be moving forward into the future.

  • Thanks all for the time and effort you have all put in. It really has been great leading most of you for almost 5 years now. Through the ups and downs of it all. The yelling and the laughing… to the crying. I cant wait to see what the next 5 years bring us.

Q & A (Skye)

  • Skye runs Q&A time, modeling Discord questions as an example
  • Floor opened to members.

Closure (Tae)

Additional Notes:

Minecraft guild (pankaks)

Patreon (Will be set up after PayPal is done (Skye))

Jackburtone Day April 1st

.com vs .org? - not yet - name is owned by GoDaddy for a few grand

Julie - asked about meetups and offered to help set up

Console gaming

Table top simulator/DnD

PS4 gaming group