Origin ID List

Hello all,

Looking for EA Origin friends for any of the current Origin games?

Make sure to share your Origin ID here.

With that said, my name on EA Origin is Illidome7. Friend me!!

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EA Origin Mintolos also playing it

I’m not currently playing Anthem but just in case I play something on Origin (like maybe when I get a better vidcard lmao) - whimsyquel

Cataclysm111 - Apex Legends


Not 100% ill get anthem but I want to play Apex some.

I added everyone to my friends list.

Origin ID: Yorkshirehart

and Jack’s is: mfjackburton

We’re not playing Anthem, but we are playing Apex.

Have Anthem through Origin Premier. Origin ID: Sephiphor

Edit: Added everyone thats posted so far.

Apex Legends: Nosferatu8605 - Origin Name

I am playing Anthem. And of course my Origin ID is DJHaighted.

Manaftl/Dethati playing APEX my origin ID is killua2489

my Origin ID is Trekkiezero

Origin ID for Apex Legends Is xcentralpointx

Mine is wedgebert shockingly enough

Origin Name: Opshen36

Anthem/Apex Legends

Origin Name iWALDOi–Apex

Origin Name: Isilaura


Origin Name: Cortyne
I play Anthem in short bursts, until the motion sickness kicks in :slight_smile: