Overall Charter

The Tri/Board have been working on this new charter for a while now. This new charter posted today is now our official charter going forward. Please make sure to check it out.

Evolved Gaming Charter

First & Foremost

This community is 100% run by volunteers that dedicate their time to create a home where people with a similar mindset can come together and enjoy gaming in a social atmosphere. Whether it’s an IRL or in-game challenge, life is more fun and fulfilling when you have a place to make connections and be supported by a network of friends and guildmates.

Our Guilds are not copy & paste experiences. Each guild’s leadership can tailor their guild to retain some level of individuality while operating within the guidelines of our community. Guilds can be as casual or content focused as the leadership wishes so long as they remain focused on the overall Evolved principles.

Foundational Principles

Remember that we are a community, so don’t be afraid to venture out and explore. These are the ideals that Evolved stands for:

  • Belonging

Like a family filled with colorful characters, we understand every player brings their own playstyle. We want all members to feel as though they belong to the community, that they fit in. We work hard to keep our atmosphere casual and comfy. It should feel like an online home.

  • Inclusivity

Do not discriminate. Inclusion and participation of members for both in-game and out-of-game events is very important to us. The interactions we have as a community help us to play and grow together. The more our players communicate with each other, the more effectively we can evolve our home to be as inclusive as possible.

  • Consideration

We will never expect you to put the community in front of real life, but we do ask that individuals be focused on the objectives and movement of the community, as well as the games we play. By having our players focus on community objectives, not only can we all learn about our fellow members but we may learn more about our own selves in the process.

  • Respect

We expect that our members respect our community. Respect each other, respect the leadership, and respect the space we’re trying to build together.

Common Sense Principles

Be Positive

Nothing hurts a community more than negative attitudes and comments in the long run. Raid wipes, ganks, and losses go away in time, but negative attitudes and experiences leave a lasting impression within the community. Expressing concerns is fine and helpful, but keep a positive tone. Some things to remember that may help you keep positive:

  • Getting enraged is the biggest downfall of anyone’s character. Avoid lashing out in frustration.
  • Consider the other person or peoples’ point of view.
  • Do not immediately blame individuals for their alleged incompetence without proper review of the incidents at hand.
  • Generally, the idea is “don’t jump the gun”. You may have been the problem.

Have An Open Mind

While many know their abilities and their weak points, we sometimes lack the ability to listen or take advice from others. We are not asking that you always implement the advice, but we are asking you to at least give respect and listen when it is offered in a constructive manner. The best strategies and plans often come from unlikely sources.

  • Ask if someone is receptive to your help. If not, don’t harass them.
  • Understand people in our membership come from varied backgrounds.
  • Be open to constructive criticism.
  • Understand that your point of view is not the only point of view.
  • Offer examples to help explain your position or point in a discussion.

Be Helpful

Members come from many types of games and levels of experience. If someone is honestly trying to learn, and is being respectful of your time, we encourage helping them out. Likewise, if you are new to a game or want to improve, asking for help is a great first step to learning and getting to know other members. You never know what kind of friends you’ll be making down the road by giving a few answers or tips. Keep in mind this is a two way street. Don’t force help on those who are receptive to learning and just because you need help does not necessarily mean others are available to help at the time you want it. Patience and consideration of others’ time will go a long way. Here are some things you can do:

  • If you are not currently engaged otherwise, offer a helping hand.
  • Offer advice in a friendly manner when you see the chance.
  • Do not deride those who aren’t as skilled as you (elitism with intent to degrade other members will not be tolerated).
  • Members can expect to get out of this community what they put in.
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Code of Conduct

Evolved membership will only be considered for individuals who are 18 years or older.

The following rules apply to all members of Evolved. In the case of any conflict between a Guild’s individual charter and this charter, this charter shall supersede the Guild’s individual charter. Any member in violation of the Code of Conduct is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from Evolved and/or its Guilds.

  • Do not discriminate.
  • Comments that are in any nature a reflection of: racism, sexism, homophobic behavior, religions, prejudice against another’s beliefs and life choices, will hold a zero tolerance policy.
  • Any and all forms of constant elitism while belittling another member is uncalled for. These are forms of toxic behavior that won’t be tolerated.
  • Use appropriate language. Overly childish/immature behavior, excessive swearing, naughty language, or off-color/sexist jokes are not acceptable.
  • Acknowledge that real life issues always take precedence over computer games. It is strongly recommended that members always remain mindful and balance their time wisely; periodically assess the time your game consumes and make an honest evaluation of whether or not your level of participation is healthy. Above all, we are a family and care for your well-being.
  • Do not break the Terms of Service agreement of games while participating within Evolved.

Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of your membership.

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Evolved Leadership Overview


The Triumvirate are the ultimate authority of the Evolved Gaming Community. They are responsible for the advancement of the Community as a whole and actively oversee the continued growth and success of Evolved in all aspects. They work with the Board of Directors and must unanimously agree upon all decisions. As with all members, the Triumvirate Members adhere to the Charter and work within its bounds when exercising their authority.

Board of Directors

Led by the Triumvirate, The Board works within a democratic structure voting on what is best for all of Evolved. These ideals keep the community from being about one person’s quest. All Board Members have an equal vote in any issue brought before the Board.

The Board of Directors responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • Recording the official minutes for all meetings and ensuring they are published for members in a timely manner.
  • Building and monitoring the Evolved community and is responsible for the community by welcoming members, assisting with recruiting and directing recruiting officers.
  • Planning the creation of material that will maintain or enhance the public image of Evolved through social media.
  • Assist in creating a structure/plan for a new game to be brought into Evolved.

Membership of The Board is determined by The Triumvirate. Any proposals of promotion to Guild Leader, must be approved by The Board of Directors and The Triumvirate.

Guild Leadership

Guild Leadership is made up of a Guild Leader, an Executive Officer and a Recruitment Officer. This team works closely together to manage the guild they lead.

A Guild Leader has authority over the game of which they are a member, ensuring fair and balanced decisions are made.

An Executive Officer is second-in-command to the Guild Leader. They support the officer team, the guild, and its members to keep the guild running smoothly.

The Recruitment Officer holds the important position necessary to keep any guild alive and active by bringing in new members. They are also very active behind-the-scenes answering questions from prospective individuals interested in Evolved or the guild.

A Guild’s Leadership are valued individuals who assist in running the greater community of Evolved and have a voice in the operation of the Evolved Community. This can include collaborative efforts, such as to resolve guild or community issues, or to help plan community events.

The Board of Directors may intervene in the affairs of a Guild only if they have determined that those affairs conflict with this Charter or the health and well-being of Evolved.


Officers are appointed by the Guild Leadership and are directly responsible for specific tasks within the guild itself and for miscellaneous duties. They also assist with the moderation of the guild and the community.

The Guild Leadership can override an officer’s decisions if deemed necessary.

Member Structural Overview

Community Pillar

Community Pillars are members that have contributed to the Evolved Community over an extended period of time. Once a year at our anniversary we call upon our Guilds to nominate members they feel deserving of this status.


Members are those that wish to enjoy the family aspect of Evolved and are in good standing with the organization.