Let’s use this thread for discussions about Pantheon. You can check out the game’s development here: Pantheon Website. Several folks on the dev team were involved with EQ and you get that sense when looking at the graphics, classes and races. I think it is cool to see the old classes like Enchanter back in the picture!

I’ve been watching Pantheon too, was wondering if anyone else here had interest. Still unsure how I feel about it being more similar to EQ but built with current technology - guess we’ll have to see what it’s like at release. Though, I’m thinking about pledging and seeing if I can end up in an Alpha or Beta test.

Not only Enchanters, but Monks with Feign Death - and Bards too… Pulling out the old school classes

I’ve been watching YouTube videos recently as some streamers were allowed to spend a day with the Devs and put out video online, won’t like it made me nostalgic for EQ and I even went and rolled a toon on EQ as it’s free… It was very interesting to see how far MMORPGs have come, my memories are way more fond than how I feel about EQ now. Maybe if I did a P99 server or something where more folks are online I’d feel different…

Yeah I know what you mean. When I go back to EQ for a peek I find it hard to believe how much things have changed with the UI. I do still have wonderful memories of those many gaming firsts as well as the warmth of the community at that time.