Past and future absences

What is up folks. I have been pretty much MIA from the game the last few weeks. I thought things might have calmed by now, but there is no end in sight. Been working 6 on 6 off continuously for two weeks now. The staff here was gutted by the rona, and and our overseas shipments are at an all time high. Non-stop freight. It is insane.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I miss you guys. I haven’t quit the game, but the current schedule just doesn’t leave me any time for it at the moment.

Thanks for being great people!

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We’ll be right here when you get back! :slight_smile: Take care of you.

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Hey guys!

Work has finally calmed down, and my schedule has reset itself to normal. I’m sure that my raid spot got filled (which is totally understandable). If there is any way I could work back towards that spot, please let me know.

Also, I am glad to be back. I missed you guys :slight_smile:

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Welcome back friend! Make sure your character meets requirements, and sign back up in the signups channel in discord. :slight_smile: