Phantasy Star Online 2

Release Date: NA PC release 5/27. Server: Ship 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a Play Anywhere title that features cross-platform play and progress. Xbox One players can keep their progress on Windows 10 PCs by accessing the game using the same Microsoft Live ID used to play PSO2 on Xbox One.

Phantasy Star Online 2, one of Japan’s biggest online action RPGs finally arrives in North America! Play for free now on both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. A never-ending quest awaits you! For more information check out PSO2 - Phantasy Star Online 2 - Official Site

The time has come for Oracle to welcome a new wave of ARKS Recruits! On May 27th, 2020, Phantasy Star Online 2 finally launches in North America on Windows 10. Download for free at the Microsoft Store

It’s an interesting game would be happy to see some more people in it and possibly make an evolved group in there.