Phase 2 Celebration Weekend

It is finally Wednesday and I bring you good news! As hinted in our guild meeting, we will be having a celebration this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) filled with events and prizes. We would like to see anyone and everyone who is planning to be with us in Phase 2 to join at least 1 event. For your convenience you can review the events and times in the following document:

** Printables/Goodies **

Scavenger Hunt Winner: Lafear

Limerick Contest: Brekki
a dwarf had a beard full of hair
and hated to farm primal air
with a heart on a tabard
and a sword in his scabbard
he stacked on the butt in gruuls lair

Cards Against Humanity: Winslough - Guinn’s Husband

Naked Race: Sketchie - With only 3 deaths!

  1. Sketchie
  2. Lafear
  3. Burden
  4. Winslough - Guinn’s husband
  5. Guinn
  6. Cali
  7. Vay
  8. Miked

BFD Dungeon Race: Weeman

  1. Weeman
  2. Fizz
  3. Miked
  4. Cali

Riddle Me This: Brekki

  1. Brekki
  2. Sis
  3. Miked
  4. Cali




Absolutely wonderful job putting all of this together. Thanks for all the hard work. These events were a ton of fun and was great to get to spend some time with friends.

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