Players looking for new guild

My husband and I are looking for a new guild for our Horde toons. We actually met online in Vanilla and got married during WoD, so WoW has been an active part of our lives for the past 15 years. We play a variety of toons and mostly try to stick to heroic guilds although we have dabbled a bit in mythic raiding. We found that mythic raiding tends to feel like a 2nd job and we play to have fun, not to overly stress about a game. We would/could bring:

Hubby: 470 DK (DPS/Tank)
467 DH (DPS/Tank)
460 Shaman (DPS/Heal)
and a few others that are 450+ geared (monk, warrior, hunter)

Me: 469 Hunter (BM)
465 Monk (Heal)
456 Druid (Tank/Heal)–I could Boomie, but lack some trinkets

We’d love to talk to someone about possibly coming to an alt raid to doing M+ together so we could get a feel for your guild and you could get a feel for us. Or just possibly talking about joining the guild.

Please contact me online my BTag is Aimsterdam#1709 or Discord Starfurie#8372 and we can chat.


Moo & Ghost

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Glad you found us… im sure @Severinne will be here… or @Myxamatozzis or @Aellice

Hop on discord is the fastest