POLL - Third Raid Night

As Evolved continues to grow on Area 52, we are always looking for ways to expand and suit our membership. With this in mind, we have decided to add a third raid night to our main raiding schedule.

Please note – you are not required to attend every night.

The schedule would be as follows:

  • Wednesday: Heroic
  • Thursday: Mythic
  • Friday OR Saturday: Heroic
  • Sunday: Alt/Open Raid (Normal)

The poll below will be used to determine whether the additional night is Friday or Saturday. Please select the night you feel you would most often be able to attend. This poll will close on Tuesday at 8:00pm EST.

If there comes a time when we determine that a third raid night is no longer necessary, we will collapse the schedule back down to two nights. When things then pick back up the future (say, new Shadowlands raid), we will likely reopen the third night.

We will be having a Raid Meeting this Wednesday (5/6/20) at 7:45pm EST. Raid will begin after the meeting has concluded.

If you have any questions, please get with an officer.


  • Fridays @ 8:30pm EST
  • Saturdays @ 8:30pm EST

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Why is heroic night 2 being moved to the third night, instead of Mythic being the third night? Seems like the extracurricular should be tacked on to the normal schedule, not the other way around.

A number of factors went into the decision.

The plan for heroic going forward is to alternate weeks – meaning every other Wednesday will start a fresh run, and complete on the 3rd night. The weeks in between will start with the skip, meaning Wednesday will begin with Carapace and N’Zoth, and then circle back to the beginning. Then complete on the third night. This makes it so that folks who can’t attend all nights (which isn’t required) will still be able to see all of the bosses.

This will be reviewed in the raid meeting.


So are we a mythic raiding guild now? What about people who joined because we advertised heroic raiding on these specific days? I know for me Fri/Sat are super hard to commit to, and I have zero interest in mythic. So now I and others who might be in my situation need to wait 2 weeks for a full clear?

You would be in the same situation if we didn’t add a third night, then. It was advertised more than a month ago that we would begin attempting mythic on Thursdays.

We are a heroic progression guild. We have gotten AOTC for the tier, and the heroic raid is now farm content. Mythic is something we are dabbling with for fun, since Shadowlands is so far away. Once Shadowlands/the new raid drops, all three (if we keep it at 3) raid nights will be used to work towards heroic progression. Once we again have AOTC and that raid is on farm, it is possible we would look at adjusting the schedule accordingly (i.e., return to having a night attempting mythic for fun).