Post your Epic Game Tag here for Borderlands 3


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Currently our community has been playing boarderlands 3, but with their being alot of different games that Epic Games has to offer. We encourage you to post your information.

Soulquake = Deamian on epic
Origin = Originmedia
Blessed = BlessedKebab
Benson = Benson1901
DJ = DJHaighted
Nadrik = Nadrik
Crazytrickster = Crazytrickster
Stalkerous = Stalkerous
Epic = TacticalICBM
Raille = Brisket_smuggler
Borders = 4gotnsun
few more incoming i’ll edit

Mine is “Nadrik”

Stalkerous same as everywhere :smiley:

Epic = TacticalICBM


mine is: Crazytrickster
add me

Border’s Epic Game Tag is 4gotnsun


Update: Changed my name to TacticaLiCBM to make it easier for people to read.