Question about raiding - even after i reset my addons it

I apologize for not having ERT, I added that one and I already had DBM, Weak Auras, and GTFO installed.

I do apologize if this is a stupid question but I had entered the raid myself and it was empty, extited, requested a summon and it was empty again although I could see dots on one of my minimap and what looked like shadows of people. I will google this to see if something comes up for next time but does anyone have any idea…I reset all my addons and it was still a empty. I have a new PC so I don’t think it had to do with my graphics card. Was there something I was supposed to click on when I first entered the raid that I didn’t know about. It looked bugged to me but it may have been newbie-ness on my part.

Hey @Jaegerbom – it hasn’t happened to me but I know it has happened to others. The empty raid/shadows only thing. From what I understand, you’d need to log out and exit out of the client entirely, then relaunch.

Thanks. That appears to be the general consensus based upon the one post I saw which matched my issue to a T.

Hopefully this was just a one off bug that restarting will fix. My fear is that it is a graphics setup issue as some people report still seeing the issue and one of those posters mentioned having an Area 51 machine (which is what I have and is the one they had the problem with) and an older machine (which did not have the problem ). I will try again the next time you guys have an open raid or maybe try and LFR on one of my healers and see if the issue pops up again as I hate having to drop from a raid at the last minute due to technical issues.

You should have nothing to worry about. It has happened to me a few times. Simply exit the game, and when you log back in you should be good to go :slight_smile: