Race changes overview by a newer player

ESO Synopsis of Update 21

Okay, so since I have talked with a bunch of people about the update for racial passives and some freak out and others have no idea. (Like myself) I wanted to write my own views on the changes. I will try and make this as short and sweet as possible.

The gist of the update is that they are moving from percentages to flat numbers and are trying to get meta gaming to not be as high on the list or make sure they are not extremely overpowered vs another race. Well that’s what I understand it as. So we are losing an optimal meta build, but are gaining a little bit closer to the percent each race is better than another. We still have the good health, stamina, or magicka races that we would want for each for the optimal builds. The difference between new and old is the difference of one armor set bonus or about 3 armor set bonuses. That just depends on where it was before.

On to the races and their individual changes.

High Elf:

The percent bonus went to flat numbers for max magicka and the damage just went to a number for spell damage. The bigger change was recover moving to magicka or stamina, whichever is higher when using a class skill. The other part is damage reduction when channeling. All in all this is still about the same as it was before, outside of the stamina and damage reduction potential. They may still be the best or tied for the best as magicka damage dealers. The spell damage versus specific types will make a huge difference in going other classes or ability lines. I feel this may make a huge difference for necromancer builds, when then come out that is.


The max magicka and potion effects went to flat numbers. Health bonus is a flat number, diseased bonus went up by almost double and diseased status do not affect them. However they lost poison bonus. Healing done reduced by one percent and the lost healing received. All in all, about the same still. They still seem to be the king of heals, but may not be as optimal for the king of tanks.


The max magicka went to a flat number. The spell resistance was reduced, but they gained a little magicka recovery. The gained a lot on magicka cost reduction. They are for the most part the same, but got a little buff to keep the sustain up in magicka. They are as always well rounded in magicka sustain, not the best at anything except keeping going for long periods of spells. (I like the sustain on my healer, as I also have the buffs for the warden.)

Dark Elf:

The max magicka and stamina are now flat numbers. The flame resist went up and burning affects no longer work, but they lost a little max magicka and gained a little health. The percent damage moved from percent of certain types to flat spell damage. They lost a little max magicka, so they are not a bursty of a damager, but now have the same spell damage bonus as a high elf. So that helps a little. With the more max health and furning effects, they will be able to stay in the fight with fire bosses a little better. I would say in terms of damage per second they can compete a little better with the high elf. They won’t die as easy in a boss fight in a dungeon, but they don’t have as much sustain for magicka. (Still my personal favorite for sorcerer damage.)


The max health and stamina are a flat number. The damage to heal is now direct damage instead of melee attack, but the chance to heal is increased and the amount is a flat number. They added a reduction for block and for bashing. This class is pretty much the same, a little better healing chance and a block cost reduction. This seems to make them ever so slightly better at tanking. (My personal favorite for tanking anyways.)


The recovery for health and stamina are now flat number, but they also added a little magicka recovery. They lost damage increase in stealth, but gained a little extra radius on reduction in detection radius for stealth. They gained a little max health, magicka, and stamina. The weapon critical is the same, but they added a little spell critical. This class is still one of the top, if not better than before at stealth killing. They will still make great night blades, especially for pvp.


The stamina is a flat number. The health recovery is gone, but we gain some ultimate every 10 seconds when we take damage. The max health is a solid number and the cold resist went up. We also gained chilled status effects. The damage reduction was switch to spell and physical resistance, based on the numbers, this may have gone up base on the percent to the flat number. They are still a very viable tank and with the extra little ultimate, they may be easier to get to ultimate and use it. The resist going up somewhat makes up for the health recovery being gone.


The max health and stamina is a flat number. Healing received has gone down some and health recovery is gone, but we get health and stamina back every 4 seconds with weapon ability damage. Melee attack has gone to weapon damage and a flat number. The Orc is definitly still a tank, but it may get decent health recovery when you use weapon abilities to taunt. I am not entirely certain if the weapon damage from melee will affect ranged damage, that will be interesting to say the least.


They lose a bit of stamina recovery and make a little bit more then what they did before when there was direct damage. It is also direct damage instead of melee damage. Max stamina is also a flat number now. However with less stamina recovery, we gain a bit of weapon ability cost reduction. They are still a great class for stamina damage. They lost a bit of stamina recovery, but the weapon ability reduction. (My stamina warden will still not change.)

Wood Elf:

The stamina recovery has been changed to a flat number. Max stamina is now a flat number, poison resist almost doubled and we have poison status affect immunity, but they lost disease resist. The biggest change is we lost the steath reduction and gained steath detection. With a minor roll to gain some movement speed. This race seems to be the largest change, as if it was fully revamped. They seemed to have moved this race to almost be a ranged scout. This class was very similary to the khajiit and they seem to have maken the wood elf almost a counter to them. They would make great kill stealing ranged characters.

All in all, each race has grown a little different and the overall meta between races has shrunk. I think they are getting what they planned on, each race has a unique feel to it and a slightly different play style. Also a wood elf vampire who is ranged for pvp.

I got all info right from thier site. If I am missing something or am off, please let me know.


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