Raid Availability

Hello Everyone,

Please post your availability for normal/heroic raids.

I’m interested in raiding with you guys, but need to gear up a little I think (rdps). I could do M-Th after 6pm EST, and Sundays.

For Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays I’m usually good anytime after 6pm EST, for all other days i’m usually good to raid after 9pm EST.

Availability pretty much the same as Aellice since during the weekdays I’m waiting for her to get home from work and timing dinner around that.

I am usually good on days when the alliance side isn’t raiding.
BUT… If you do end up choosing Wed/Thurs - just know that we’ll definitely need more tanks coz there will be some weeks I can’t be on during weekdays and also, 5 days of consecutive raiding will be a bit much for me >.>

Im good for evenings Thus, Fri, and Sunday

I plan on raiding tonight.

I can’t anymore. Personal and work schedule change reasons.

I apologise this happened on the first day of the BoD raid, where I suddenly really had to put in a lot of thought about my WoW time, but you guys deserve tanks that will always be there and is on fairly regularly so you can run things together. This isn’t me. I really can’t raid consecutive days like that.

Thanks for letting me tank for you for a few weeks though, and I’m really glad you all got excellent progression on your first night in BoD. <3