Raid changes for 8.1

Raid Changes
There will come a time when content is starting to get boring. We want to keep all of our members engaged in some way shape or forum. Alt raiders (Heroic only) and Mythic content raiding might assist with this between raiding content. So we are looking at doing the following to assist with that lack luster content bug.

Start of new raid tier
We will keep trying to run our 3 groups, our groups will be starting off in normal content and then will enter into heroic content at the raid leaders discretion.

Balancing (Heroic Content Only)
We wont be balancing any raid teams until such times as all of the raid leaders have given it a fair shot to challenge there groups to get the mechanics of a fight down. If and when there struggling then we will look at balancing groups but in a smaller way and not a big shuffle.

Switch focus
Once all groups have completed heroic content and the raid leaders feel that the guild is ready we will be turning our attention to 2 groups doing heroic (3 Nights) and 1 group attempting Heroic (Tuesday) and Mythic (Friday/Saturday). We do realize that not everyone wants to attempt mythic content thats why we are going this route.

If Mythic Group does not have enough to field a raid for heroic Tuesday they can Merge with other groups or gain enough from the other groups to proceed. If the Mythic group does not have enough raiders for mythic content on Friday / Saturday and other raiders from the 2 other groups wish to assist they may choose to do so, other wise the mythic group can merge into the other 2 groups to assist with there completion of heroic content.

Mythic Content
A higher commitment is required for the Mythic difficulty. Although we understand that everyone has real life commitments as well, it is easier and more fair to everyone to have a more consistent roster for mythic difficulty. A successful mythic raid can be achieved by members willing to improve on individual and group weaknesses.

Alt Raider (Heroic Content only)
There will come a time where you as a raider will become bored with raiding on your main toon and we as a guild want to keep you all engaged. If your Alt Raider can perform an reasonable amount of DPS, Heal and/or tanking ability then you may bring your alt raider. Under the condition that if we are having difficulties downing a boss you will be asked to go back on your main regardless of your DPS, Heal and/or tanking ability so that we can ensure main raiders get a fair shot at gaining loot.

The Alt raider will NOT be afforded any loot off unwanted gear unless no other main raider toon needs the item in question.

Note: Raid Leader has the right to refuse you from bringing an alt if it is detrimental to the raids progression by your abusing by gearing up multiple Alts.

(Ex. Healer or Tank switching to DPS with no replacement of Healer or Tank)