Raid Leader Position

Evolved Horde is looking for a Raid Leader!

Below is the position as described in our Horde Ranking System:

  • Research New Raids/Bosses from all angles dps/tank/healer roles for different strategies depending on make-up of said raid group.
  • Go over raid strategies with Task leaders to help define each role’s place and to have all leaders on the same page before even setting foot in a new raid.
  • Have videos and reference material that can be linked to all members before raids and on boards.
  • Once entering the raid instance, keep all members on pace and focus on the tasks at hand.
  • When at the boss and prior to engaging, set marks/groups up and then go over the strategy with all raid members using Specialists to help clarify and explain roles within that Task leader’s purview.
  • Assign people tasks such as calling things, interrupts, etc.
  • After each wipe, review the strategy with the raid group and make sure all understand what went wrong and what went right.
  • Open a post on the forums where people can discuss the strategy and any changes they think could help progress the raid next time.
  • After each raid, review performance with task leaders to determine what may be done to improve the strategy or player’s roles as needed.

Since we’re on farm currently, the main thing we’re looking for in a RL is a consistent person for Wednesday and Saturday to organize the group, come up with comp (do we have enough healers, who can swap roles, etc.), make adjustments as needed, and sometimes chat with struggling raiders. Etc.

Sketchie as RA is great at the live callouts during encounters, so you have a good resource there. Myx will continue handling Mythic on Thursdays.

If this sounds like something you would be interested, please get in touch with Myx and Sev in a DM in Discord. Feel free to reach out with questions as well!

For the Horde!

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