Raid Rules & Etiquette

Raid Rules & Etiquette
Evolved is a family raiding community. This means that real life comes first above all else. Unlike the hardcore raid guilds, Evolved endeavors to cater to everyone’s schedule so that everyone has an equal and fair chance to raid. This is done based on a player’s real life schedule vs. their availability for raids (i.e. can only raid on weekends), and whether said person sat out the last raid or not. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but so far it’s the fairest one we’ve come up with. There is no select group of raiders, there is no minimum raid attendance to raid.

Raid Leader(s)
As with most raid guilds, we have a Raid Leader(s) or people who fill those shoes when the Raid Leader(s) is not present. This person(s) takes the time to research our targets prior to raid time. In addition to this, the Raid Leader(s) has a huge number of tasks to accomplish just prior to raid start in order to ensure that everyone is getting fair raid time. Sometimes this may be beneficial to you as a player, and sometimes it won’t seem that way. Regardless you can bet that it’s being done fairly for the guild as a whole.

This person(s) has enough on their plate as it is. Prior to, and especially during a raid, do not send a whisper barrage the Raid Leader with complaints, tactics, suggestions, or ideas. Save it for after the raid. The officers present are discussing everything during a raid as it is. If you feel that you absolutely KNOW that something is being done wrong, then send the Raid Leader Assistant or next highest officer in the chain of command a TELL with the info (skipping the Raid Leader of course). All tells sent to the Raid Leader by a non-superior officer can and most likely will be ignored during a raid.

Respect the Raid Leader(s)
I don’t care if you like a particular Raid Leader or not, treat the Raid Leader of a raid with the respect that you would like him/her to treat you with. I don’t expect each and every one of you to like every Raid Leader in the guild. However it is disrespectful, demoralizing, and just plain rude to backtalk or be belligerent to the Raid Leader during a raid. This can, and most likely will, get you removed from the current raid. None of you would want to be treated this way if you were leading a raid, so I expect no one to treat anyone leading a raid this way!

Raid Leader Clause
The Raid Leader reserves the right to make decisions that may at times supersede and/or contradict the Raid Rules of the Chapter. These decisions must never be made lightly and always be done with the betterment of the guild as a whole in mind. The Raid Leader also has last word on all decisions concerning the Raid. All decisions made by the Raid Leader can and will be reviewed and/or over ruled by the Guild Leader or Executive Officer to ensure fairness to all members.

Sportsmanship Clause
Every accomplishment is an accomplishment for the guild. Every defeat is a defeat for the guild. We will NOT have infighting or bickering of any kind. If you are derogatory in any way to any person in the guild, on the other team, on your team, or not on a team at all there will be consequences. First offense is a warning. Second offense is a week long ban from raiding. Third offense is a month long ban from raiding. Fourth offense is a total ban from raiding. We don’t want to lose any of our raiders so be nice to people!

Raiding with WoW Alliance (Proudmoore)
In order to participate, there are certain requirements that must be met by each potential raider. These requirements are set in order to provide the best possible chance for the guild to be successful at this content. The following requirements must be met before you will be invited to a raid:

Raider Rank
After signing up for raiding, the Raider rank (Raider) will be assigned to you. All raiders must be max level with knowledge of their class, as well as boss mechanics that pertain to their role.

All raiders MUST be gemmed, enchanted, repaired and be of the appropriate item level. Additionally, raiders must come with a supply of flasks and food that’s appropriate for their class. We will try to help supplement raider’s supplies by making food and flasks available during a raid but supplies may be limited so it’s best not to rely solely on them being made available.

If you need help with preparing for a raid or for raiding in general, please ask one of the officers or other raiders for help.

Keeping the Raider Rank
All raiders are expected to satisfactorily perform the role they are bringing to the raid. You may be asked to step down and be replaced for the following reasons:

  • Being disrespectful to any other member.

  • Not keeping your gear up to date. Yes, real life comes first. You do need to make an effort to have the best gear available to you.

  • Constant latency or punctuality (Random AFKing / Disconnecting) issues

  • Rage quitting, we all get frustrated, either at the raid or real life issues. Please remove yourself from the raid situation as your toxic nature could spill over to the rest of the raid.

  • Frequent inability to Stun/Silence/interrupt as the fight mechanics require.

  • Consistent attendance issues. Yes, real life comes first. We realize that. However, if you cannot commit to the schedule and are consistently absent, you affect the other 10+ people on your team. Do not sign up on the raid roster if you cannot commit to the schedule. In addition we do remove raiders off the raid roster if they have gone 3 or more weeks of not raiding. (Want to raid again, just simply sign up again.)

  • Performing inadequate DPS for your job with the minimum item level required by the content. We realize this is subjective and can cause drama; however, some content may require a certain level of damage to clear. This is not an instant-kick criteria, and there are many people in this guild that can help with rotations/macros. Please take advantage of this help!

  • Healers - Pulling inadequate healing (Not HPS). Failure to follow mechanics (Knowing when big hits are coming). Performing poorly for your class/spec. All healer mains are required to maintain a viable DPS off-spec. If you don’t have an adequate DPS off-spec when the raid down-sizes or have an abundance of healers, you might be asked to sit. Please contact your fellow healers for more information.

  • Tank - Proper understanding of taunting, working with other tank to better understand bosses, having good raid awareness and know where adds are and if they’re attacking other members of the raid. Proper use of defensive cooldowns when harder hits are coming to aid in healing done on you. All tank mains are required to maintain a viable DPS off-spec. If you do not have an adequate DPS off-spec when we have abundance of tanks that show up, you might be asked to sit.

Joining the Raid
Be logged into Discord and be on your Raider toon that is listed on the Alliance Raid Roster toon at least 15 minutes prior to the specified raid time to receive an invite to the raid. We understand that Real life will prevent this from happening sometimes. Please be quiet and patient when coming into the Raid channel when a raid is already in progress. We will get people into the raid as people show up.

Raid absences post
If raiders are unable to make one of our three raid nights, post ahead of time that way we can make adjustments as needed for a successful raid night. This can also be used for long term afk’s from raiding. Please keep in mind that we have sometimes made mistakes and might have removed you from our raiding roster. Just simply re-sign up.

Note: All Absences must be posted on discord on the #wow-a-raid-signups-absences

In addition we do remove raiders off the raid roster if they have gone for 3 or more weeks of not raiding due to attendance via the Evolved Warcraft Logs. (Want to raid again, just sign up again.)

NEW 4/11/22
Will Call Roster

If you know that your attendance will be sporadic (no set schedule at all), let us know when you sign up. You will be added to the Will Call roster. You will be part of our overall Raid Roster - but you will not be assigned to a team. If you are online for a raid night and able to attend, let a RL or RA know that you are ready to raid for the night. Once the teams have formed up, the officers will evaluate their make-up. You will then be assigned to a team to raid with for the night.

Additionally - if you are absent 3 nights out of 3 weeks of raiding and DO NOT post your absence in the #raid-sign-up-and-absences channel on Discord - you will be moved to the Will Call list. Please be courteous and post when you will be absent. We respect that everyone has lives outside the game. Please respect your officers and the rest of your team by letting us know if something comes up and you are unable to attend. – this does not affect those that attend on a set schedule - let us know if you have a schedule for your attendance (ex - attends every Tues/Fri, misses every Saturday)

When learning new content its always harder to judge what level of DPS/Damage Done or Healing or Tanking that is needed to down a boss. For this we will be using various websites, guides, and our own learning to move forward. With this in mind we will be removing underperforming raiders. If you are removed please either remain in channel in case called back in or log out a calm manner. Get with your Raid leader after raid as they will explain why you were removed.

Know your class role on a raid
Some of you are new to raiding or are playing a new class/spec for the tier. Learn your class/spec pertaining to raiding and what is expected of you. Know the boss mechanics of normal and heroic that pertain to your class/spec. Don’t wait until raid time to figure it out! If you have any questions at all, get with the Raid Leader, Officers or other raiders as soon as possible during a non-raiding time. Everyone is willing to assist you.

After the Raid
This is the time when you ask/post the questions that you had in mind, restock your raid bags, and repair (if you won’t be on till next raid). Take this time to get with the Raid Leader/Raid Leader Assistant or any other raider and discuss tactics and issues relating to your class/role in the raid if you wish. Most officers tend to hang around a little bit after a raid and are more than eager to help you with your issues/questions.

Want to play an ALT?
Open Night Mains/Alts/Members
Every Sunday we will be opening up our raiding to all “Members”. Open night gives back to all the members that want to see some harder content of raiding with crazier mechanics. We will attempt at full clears as well explaining boss fights to you. There are no sign ups just show up prepared (ask if unsure). Open night still falls under all the rules.

Switching Main Raider
Only one toon per member will be awarded the Raider rank. If a raider wishes to switch to another toon assigned the Raider rank, they must formally request the change via Discord in the #raid-sign-ups-and-absence text channel. The new toon they wish to become their raiding toon must meet raid requirements at the time of the request. The request will be reviewed by the Officer team for approval. Until the request is approved and you’re on the Raid Roster, no change is made. However, once the request has been approved, the Raider Rank designation will be changed in game and the player is now expected to raid with that toon. There will be only ONE switch allowed per raid tier. This switch cannot occur mid-raid week; it must be at the start of a new week of raiding.

  • If you decide your main switch isn’t working out, after completing the current week’s raid, you may request to return to your previous main raiding toon without penalty. Request this the same way you do a main switch - via Discord in the #raid-sign-ups-and-absence text channel and will not take effect until approved by an Officer and added to the Roster.

  • NEW 4/11/22 To prevent fights over tier loot - If you decide to switch mains, you will be ineligible to roll on tier loot for 3 weeks (unless no one else is rolling). You will still be able to receive it via personal loot. It is more importatnt to complete the 4-set tier bonus for those on their original mains in order to more quickly “power up” the team, than it is to gear a new main.

Additional Notes

  • Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) must be completed by your raid group before alt raid begins.

  • At the tail end of raid tiers declared alts may raid during main raid nights at the Raid Leaders discrection. If this happens loot priority goes to main raiders. MS>OS>Alts>open roll

  • Raid Leader has the right to refuse you from bringing an alt if it is detrimental to the raid’s progression or by your abusing of the raid team by gearing up multiple alts.

    • Example: Healer or Tank switching to DPS with no replacement of Healer or Tank

Alternate Raiding Toons
Note: This section on alt raiding toons is not yet implemented but we plan to incorporate this rule as needed/TBD.

There will come a time where you as a raider will become bored with raiding on your main toon and we as a guild want to keep you all engaged. For this you can declare up to 2 alts which will be tracked on the guild raid roster. When and if we run an alt raid, any of these declare alts are welcome to participate in the alt raid. These alternate characters can be replaced at any time however must be a declared at for at least 2 weeks before they can become eligible for a main switch (see below).

Other Rules/Guidelines

NEW 4/11/22
Tier Loot (in patch 9.2)
Tier has been quite a contentious form of loot in patch 9.2. To provide clarity and guidelines for rolling, we are implementing this rule:

Typically, if you have already rolled on and won an item, we ask that you pass the next item you win to the next highest roller. Tier will be exempt from this rule. If you have already won a piece of loot through open rolls, you can still roll on tier. BUT if you already have your 4 piece, roll as off-spec (/1000) or if you forget to roll as off-spec, pass the loot to the next highest roller (and so on down the rolls) who does not have a 2 or 4 piece. We will be policing this. We hope with the implementation of the Creation Catalyst, this will become less of a problem.

Side Grades vs Other Guildmates Upgrades
Personal loot in the raid warrants that the loot of the raid boss can be traded if it is the same or lesser than the loot you are currently wearing. If you don’t need the loot we will be doing a /roll 100 for anyone that needs the item in question. Please be mindful that a side grade for you might be a huge upgrade for others and we will police this. Please do not be greedy. BoE’s belong to the person that got the drop, unless they want to put them up for roll. (Get that Gold! Sell your BoE’s!)

Communications (Discord)
Mandatory, no exceptions. No Discord, you are removed from raid until you get on. We do not expect people to talk in Discord (unless a boss fight requires it), however being able to listen is a requirement.

Members Raiding inside of Evolved but World of Warcraft Alliance (Proudmoore) is not your main game
Members can obtain the status of raider rank with the understanding that if World of Warcraft Alliance (Proudmoore) is not their main game they will be the first removed from the raid if we are struggling with the boss. They will be brought back in once the boss is defeated to carry on.

Members Raiding outside of Evolved
When a member wishes to raid outside of Evolved they can do so on the principle that they follow all our rules as well as the other guild’s rules for etiquette. You must attend all our raids and not skip out to raid with the alternate guild or guilds. If caught doing so you will be removed from the raider rank and not raid with us for a duration period.

Above all, remember
This is a game. The content may be tough. The tensions may get high. The key is to remember we are all on the same team.

We will continue to update this post as information changes.

Also, please feel free to provide us with any feedback you may have!


Raid Rules & Etiquette: TL;DR

  • Real Life comes first, no minimum attendance to raid.

  • Respect your Raid Leader and Raid Assist. Also, don’t barrage your RL or RA with whispers at raid start; they’re busy.

  • Raider Rank - meet our raid requirements (proper ilvl, gemmed, enchanted, bring food & flasks), sign up to be put on a roster, get the Raider rank in game. You may only have one toon at the Raider rank at a time.

  • You must be in the Discord raid channel to raid.

  • Raid invites start 15 mins prior to a raid. Try to be on at this time, especially if it’s a raid with limited space (Mythic Progression or past-tier Mythic raids for mog/mounts). Raid Leader (or other officer) will post in guild chat that invites have started - whisper that person the word ‘invite’ and you will automatically be invited to the raid group.

  • While raid attendance is not required, be courteous. Post in the #raid-sign-up-and-abscence channel to let your Raid Leader know that you will be absent for a raid. If you do not post when you will be absent 3 times out of 3 weeks (3 times out of 9 raiding days), you will be moved to the Will Call Roster. If absent for 3 weeks consecutively, you’ll be removed from the roster. Sign up again when you get back.

  • Have good raid manners. Read the full post (again) if you’re not aware of what these might be.

  • Be a good raid TEAM member, not a bad one.

  • Pull your weight in whatever class/role/spec you are playing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help but have knowledge of what you should be doing before you sign up to be a raider. Raiding isn’t the environment to be taught how to play a toon. Improve, yes. Taught from bare bones, no.

  • Sometimes you might get removed from a raid - whether due to raid balance, under-performance, behavior, etc. - it might happen. Follow up with an officer after the raid if you don’t understand why you were removed.

  • You can switch your main raider toon once per progression tier with approval. You can switch back to your previous toon if your main toon switch did not work out. We do sometimes allow Alts to come in once the raid is on farm, but if we ask you to switch to a main toon so we can kill bosses, do so without complaint.

  • Extra unneeded loot goes up for roll. If it is anything other than a main roll (os, mog), please say so in raid chat. Main>OS>Mog. BoE’s belong to the person they drop for.

  • This is a game. No drama daddies or drama mamas allowed.

  • Tier loot rules have been implemented for 9.2 - look for the titles in yellow for more details.