Raid Times Poll

As discussed in the Shadowlands Guild Meeting on 11/12/20, we are opening up a poll to determine if raiders would like to add more raiding time to our week! Earlier this year we added a third raid night (Saturdays), but collapsed back down to 2 nights when it was no longer needed.

Please see below from the current Raid Rules regarding the schedule:

  • Main raid is Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 - 10:30pm server time (Eastern). Wednesday and Thursday are Heroic/Progression.
    • During progression on a new tier we sometimes have an extra hour if enough people can stay
  • Open/alt raid is Sunday from 8:30 - 10:30pm server time (Eastern)

    Note: Saturdays at 8:30-10:30 are current reserved for progression cleanup if needed, achievement runs, and other group events.

There are three options to vote on. 1) Leave it the way it is. 2) Add an extra half an hour to the end of the main raid nights [meaning we would raid 8:30-11p eastern]. 3) Add the third raid night back on [currently Saturday, but if this is the choice, we will put up a poll for the third raid night].

Please note: If there is not a clear winner, or it doesn’t seem like it will work out, the officers will discuss. We are trying to see what the majority of raiders would like.

Please also note: Per our raid rules, you are not required to attend 100%. If a third night is the winner, and you can only make 2 nights, THAT’S OKAY. If 11p is the winner and you have to leave at 10:30p, THAT’S OKAY. You will not be punished.


    • It’s perfect just the way it is!
    • I’d love 30 more boss-smackin’ minutes each night!
    • Let’s add a third night to burn it down!

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