Raider Questions

I hope everyone’s having a great day! I have both my characters up to 435-450 ilvl and as ready as I can be for SL. I am looking to get back into raiding after years of being away and would like to sign up for some of the farm raids coming up before launch but cant seem to find the sign up. I read in gchat that there was a pinned spread sheet for mythic/raid sign ups but I’m obviously missing something. A good kick in the butt towards the right direction would be appreciated!

Also, I’m having a problem deciding my main. I’ve researched and tested both spriest and warrior. I love them both and am heavily leaning on returning to tanking BUT because I am loving both classes if our guild is tank heavy (of course dps main and os tank is an option) then Id happily go spriest. Years (and years) ago I was a raid lead, officer etc and I’ve always supported bringing the player and not the class but availability is big as well. Therefore the guild needs do factor in my decision process. If anyone has an opinion on this it would be greatly appreciated!

Well I for one and very pleased to see more people showing interest in raiding. I’ll see if I cant resolve some of the information hunting you need.

We are coming close to the pre-patch and expansion so the window for raiding in BFA is narrowing.

I guess we can start at the beginning and work our way up.

For ALL raids please read our raid rules so you will be aware of how our guild runs raids.
Found here Raid Schedule and Rules

Normal Raid “Alt Raid” - Takes place every Sunday evening at 8:30 PM eastern time.
Requirements: 430 ilv Both Rings and Weapon (offhand if applicable) enchanted and Gems in each socket
There is no real sign-up or registration for the normal raid just show up gemed, enchanted, food and flask

Heroic Raid - Takes place every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30 PM eastern time.
Requirements: 455 ilv Both Rings and Weapons (offhand if applicable) Enchanted and Gems in each socket

To participate in the Heroic Raid you must have completed the raid on normal difficulty first either with our guild or a pug then sign up in the post here: Raid Roster, Groups and Signups
follow the format provided

Mythic Mondays: Takes place every Monday (around) 8:30 PM eastern time.
Requirements: There are no real requirements but depending on your experience level your key may be lower than others that you run with your group that night. Fill out the information as best as you can in the sign-up sheet Mythic Monday Sign-up

And the answer no guildie wants but every officer will give is “Play what you want” just keep in mind that we are asking all tanks and healers to be ready with a dps offspec incase we run heavy with either that night. there may be a point when we need DPS to do the same (have a tank or heal offspec) in order to fill the needed roles for a night of raiding.


Thank you for the thorough and prompt reply. All questions answered, even what Ill be choosing as my main! I look forward to raiding with you guys. This community is impressive and easily the best I’ve experienced in my wow history.


Glad to hear it! See you in game :slight_smile: