RBG Roster, Team Format, and Signup

This post is in regards to putting together an organized RBG team and assessing both the interest and preferred times for organizing said team. As well as doing the things stated above I’d like to start putting together a roster indicating roll as well as class/spec, to ensure that the Team has a balanced comp as well as proper fill of certain necessary rolls.

If you are interested please reply bellow using this format:
Name-Spec-Class-Desired Roll

I will try to ensure you fill the roll you most prefer.


Borelyian- Vengeance- Demon Hunter


Chuluun - Discipline - Priest


Helrider-Unholy-Death Knight
Aellice - Affliction - Warlock
Sev - Destruction - Warlock
Viho - Destruction - Warlock
Ibëlurkin - Assassination - Rogue
Rezaketh - Havoc - Demon Hunter
Zhakm - Retribution - Paladin

Times Poll

Aellice - Affliction - Warlock - DPS

Rezaketh - havoc - dh - dps
or Bwonzapdi - resto - shammy - heals

Deathisall unholy dk
Rustam ret pally
Ibëlurkin assassination rogue
Wreckinall fury warrior
Or anything else you can think of you pick I’ll play


Helrider : Unholy DK

Sev - Warlock - Destro


  • Warlock - Destro (412 ilvl)
  • Druid - Restro (323 ilvl)
  • Death Knight - Blood/Unholy (427 ilvl)

Zhakm- Retribution- Paladin- DPS (I can spec Prot if you needed)

Priest Disc/shadow

Aerrava - Holy Paladin