Hi there, I was wondering where you stand on letting me rejoin? I flaked out about a month ago and stopped playing my mage that I joined with. I now have a pally healer -or- mage and my husband has a spriest. We are really interested in your guild, but I understand if a rejoin is out of the question. I didnt leave on any type of bad terms, I just left so hopefully you are open to second chances :slight_smile:

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Welcome back! Since you’ll both already be registered, you’re all set for an in-game invite. You can “/who Evolved Gaming” in-game and ask anyone to point you at an officer (if there is one online). You can also request an invite in the guild finder and someone will add you as soon as they’re on.

There is a button on our main webpage to join the Discord server. Once you do, you’ll get a DM from our bot that will help you get set up on our server if you hadn’t already.

Come say hi in #wow-h-chat!

See ya soon!