Recruitment Classic Wow Pagle

Hello, not entirely sure how this all works and hope this is the right place for this post. I saw your recruiting post on the Classic Wow Forums and want to join your guild on the Pagle server. Mainly looking for leveling/questing/dungeons/social aspects of the game. I want to raid but 99% certain that my work schedule will preclude any chances of that given it changes monthly with no set days of the week off.

Little bit about me. Im almost 33 guy and played wow almost religiously from Oct 2006 through May 2012 and than a bit off and on through the end of Legion. I am looking forward to returning to the roots of the game with classic. Outside the game I lead a bit duller life although thanks to my job I do get to travel the country and see new things with the ability to travel almost anywhere in the world for peanuts. However, due to lack of money and exhaustion after working I normally don’t do so.

I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of this community.


Hello there and welcome to Evolved. Just need to hop on our discord. The bot will DM you some instructions on what to do next… then hop in the WoWC-A-Chat channel and ask for a invite

Hello and Welcome to Evolved :smiley: Look forward to seeing you in game!