Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release!

Hey gamers, it’s time to grab your six-shooters and cowboy hats and posse up!! Red Dead Redemption 2 is FINALLY here for PC.
Check this link for all the information you need to get rolling.

As a note, you can pre-purchase from Rockstar through their launcher or warehouse, and if you do so you get some in-game bonuses as well as a free game from their lineup. It is also available on Epic Games store, Greenman Gaming, Gamestop and Humble Store and some additional digital retailers but Steam is delayed-release until December. All Preorders receive a bonus of 25 gold bars Which is enough to start your Specialist role of Bounty Hunter, Trader or Collector. Join us starting Nov 5th and we’ll work out the invites through Rockstar Social while were in the Voice chat for Red Dead. As a note the Max persistent posse is 7, temporary parties are 4 for quick matches quests, etc. Our initial persistent Posse is nearly full (I think) but we will be helping to get a second one going if needed, or until they expand to GTA V standards. Not sure how the lobbies work yet so we’ll see on Tuesday.

Speculation is GTA V released on the day prior to what they announced on Steam, so they may do the same with RDR2 but it’s more likely tomorrow 5 am pacific time.

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