Returning player considering joining

Hey peeps,

I’ve been playing WoW off and on for over 10 years now. Classic got me interested in Retail again and I’m considering playing it again but it’s been a while since I’ve had anyone to play with. I’ve touched on pretty much every aspect of the game except for the pet battle stuff.

My play time has changed drastically recently with my first kid. At the moment I’m largely limited to playing around Midnight until around 2 to 3am. I can get on during normal hours occasionally but the kiddo takes priority for me. Do you guys have many people active around those times?

Hi Uni, there’s a small group of people that are still on at those hours, especially on weekends. You’re welcome to join us in game/guild and get a feel, but I would understand if you decide to look elsewhere for more activity during your play hours :slight_smile:

I’ll see about joining up tonight and get a feel for things like you said. My hours aren’t always crazy so I might be able to get on at more decent hours as well. Though that would be a bit more hit or miss. If I like the feel I might see about joining up on both servers as I have toons on both Alliance/Proudmoore and Horde/Area 52. Sorry about the delayed response on this.

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No worries and no pressure. Play when you can :slight_smile: