Returning Player. Looking to Recapture the Magic

Hey guys! I was messaged ingame and thought I would check out what you have going on.

I love the idea of a community sticking together through multiple games, so this seemed like
a really cool place!

A little about me: I was messaged on my 111 Pally, but my main is a prot warrior. I played Vanilla - Cata, came back for a bit of Pandaland but eventually retired from PC gaming when real life got in the way. These days, I’m a little more comfortable, and have a little more free time on my hands so I decided to get back into the grind and about a year ago, built a new PC. With the announcement of Classic I thought it was the perfect time. After playing through Molten Core, I started to realize that while I love World of Warcraft, maybe I don’t have THAT much free time on my hands. Not to mention the fact that, at the time, I played WoW and pretty much only WoW. These days, my interests sway into FPS, MOBAs, etc. Not having the time to dedicate to the Vanilla experience I decided to give Retail a shot and I discovered well I didn’t hate it. So here I am!

Along with BFA, I’m also currently enjoying Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty: MW. I just started picking up Heroes of the Storm as well. I have no idea what is going on there, but it looks like fun!

Hello and welcome! Glad you decided to give us a try. I too tried classic and realized I just didn’t have the time or patience for it anymore. I have some good memories from that time period but retail just fits better with my life now :slight_smile:

And yay for another person that plays multiple games, definitely reach out to others on Discord since we have a bunch of people playing some of the other games just listed.

Welcome again and look forward to seeing you in game!

nice! glad to have you. We have wow-a people that play Apex and OW as well. I myself am getting into League of Legends if you play that (since you mentioned Heroes).