Returning Player

Hey all, this is zed999#1868 (play a priest named Damarlin on proudmoor) I was with the guild for a while before work became hectic and I had to take the summer off. I’m looking to rejoin if you are looking for additional people on the roster.

Thanks for considering

Welcome back :slight_smile: !!!

Thanks for the welcome back. I joined the Discord server, but when I use the “.iam Damarlin” command to get permissions, it says that my forum name doesn’t match my discord user name. I’ve checked, and they match. Is there anything else I can try?

Hi @Damarlin, one of our Guild Leaders, Sev, replied to you in the bot spam channel. It’s a problem with the Discord username you entered when you signed up. It must be your actual Discord username, not a nickname, to validate on our Discord server. If you go back to the bot spam channel and do the .iam command, it will return a link that you can click that will take you directly to your profile, where you can update your Discord username. Once you change it and click save changes at the bottom, you can use the .iam Damarlin command in the bot spam channel again, and you should be good to go

Got it working, thanks for the pointer!