Returning Player

Hello All,

My name is James, In-Game my main is Praystherent a voldunai priest. I have been playing on an off for years, since vanilla when I was about 12. Yes, I was that 12 year old. I have tried playing so many other MMOs, but nothing quite kept my attention like WoW.

I have played ESO, Guild Wars 2, Black Desert, and a few others. I enjoy a good community game and haven’t been part of a solid guild for some time. I recently attained a new job and now work a normie schedule for once in my life, no more 3pm-11pm or 11pm-7am jobs, so I finally have some consistency.

I work as a solutions engineer for a data management company (I know real exciting sounding), I have an assortment of animals, and I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend and it will be 10 years this October. Just a little information about me.

I look forward to playing with you all and hope to finally have a place to feel welcome again!

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