Returning raider application


I used to raid from vanilla to MoP, then I quit computer completley due to marriage.
Recently divorced, happily, and am returning to things that make me happy, which is raiding for a guild!

I came back about a month ago, I usually have a well geared dps/healer/tank to join multiple groups, but was slammed with the neck/cape timegating…

I have a resto druid (466 ilvl/15cloak/90neck) ready to do heavy heavy lifting in heroic nya or mythics, as well as a warlock who I plan to main come shadowlands


Welcome! :slight_smile: If you’re interested in raiding with us, make sure you read through our raid rules and sign up on the raid roster. If you have questions don’t be shy!

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Hello and Welcome to Evolved! :slight_smile:

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Welcome home!