Season 1 PvP mount

Hi everyone, me again. Sorry, it’s pretty quiet at work today.

Let me preface this post with a statement: I AM NO GOOD AT PVP!

That being said…I have never done more that random BG’s with rando’s. It is fun, but isn’t necessarily rewarding. I have always enjoyed the season mounts, but not enough to put in the work to get one. In Shadowlands, however, the first season mount, to me, is worth at least trying to get.

So, I was wondering if there were any other like-minded folks who wanted to get together and work towards this goal. I have several characters I am comfortable playing, and the xpac is looking to be pretty alt accessible.

Could be fun :slight_smile:

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Damon is our new PvP officer and is looking to set up a lot of fun PvP events!

Hit him up on discord!