Season 13 Competitive Evolved Team

Alright ladies and gents I wanna start a Season 13 Competitive Evolved Team. This will be a team of 6 players who will represent Evolved Gaming into online community of Overwatch. Each match will be streamed on our Evolved Twitch channel so we can show off our team to the world as a guild. Evolved members can help support us by watching and hopefully draw in some new members to the guild.

So I’m wanting to go for a 2 Tank, 2 DPS, 2 Healer combo. I will most likely be playing Brigitte to give that extra (heal, dps, and tank advantage)

Whoever is interested please list the characters you’re interested in playing. If we have enough people to make 2 teams we can go from there. Play nights will be determined upon teams schedule. I’d really like to get people involved in this as it is for the guild to showcase Evolved on Twitch. I will setup a meeting after Thanksgiving.

Around what bracket?

around the 1800 bracket but a majority of us with a good group could be doing 2200 - 2400

Sign me up! I can fill heal/tank but turret is my main.

Moira, Mercy, Brig, Lucio
Hammond, Rein, Winston, Orisa
Sombra, Symmetra, Mei


My main account is 2502 right now, If you need a Main/Off tank player, who can flex to projectile Dps or Flank Dps such as Hanzo,Genji,Tracer,Doomfist,Junkrat,Pharah,ect. I can help. (I can honestly flex any hero and play them at a decent level, the characters listed above are just heroes that I am exceptional at.)

I may be too low. I am at 1200 right now- I just cannot get out of bronze :frowning: But I play Moria, Roadhog, Mercy, Bridgette.

I haven’t played the last two seasons or so because I was stuck in bronze/silver … queuing single is not a great plan but it was what I could manage with my schedule at the time. I’d love to have more group play, especially with Evolved members. I can pretty much play any hero well at this point except genji … I can be passable as him but that’s about it. Kelbarrett#1652 is my main.