Season 2 Keystone Conqueror

This thread is for those that are wanting their S2 Feat Of Strength for every dungeon in time of 10 and higher. Please post what keys you still need in time and edit as you get them completed. This way we can people their keys they need.

I need everything except underrot and Waycrest, have done many at plus 10 or higher but havent made timers

Edited: All done! :smiley:

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I am finished

Temple, TD

Freehold - complete
UR - complete
Shrine - complete
TD - Need
ML - Need
Temple - Need
WC - Need
KR - Need
Siege Need
Atal - Need

Comfortable with 10-13

Siege - Need
Motherlode - Need
Shrine - Need

I need Freehold, Kings Rest, Motherload, Temple

Still need a siege

All complete thanks everyone that assisted in getting mine done. If you see me on and want to run some keys let me know.

Only needing MOTHERLOAD for completion now

I dont think I have done all the 10s on time

You 2 chested a 10 Freehold. Stop being so dramatic.

I’m just saying I dont get the season done like you crazy go getters are…lol

@Swim you rock my socks buddy on how good you are

Got all of it on my priest this season!

I need to get -
The Motherlode
Kings Rest
Tol Dagor
Shrine of Storm
Siege of Boralus
Temple of Sethraliss