Server Transfer Thoughts?

EDIT: We were able to get a house on Cactuar! Yay! No need to transfer :smiley:

As discussed in the meeting, there are no available housing plots on Cactuar, so we’re toying with the idea of transferring to one of the new servers on the new datacenter, which is released with the upcoming patch. At this time, transfers will be 100% free, so it would be a good opportunity to do so if we want to.

Instead of making this decision for everyone, I want to gather everyone’s thoughts on if this is a good idea or not. The last thing I want to do is force everyone to move if they have ties to this server and don’t want to leave.

Please leave your thoughts on transferring below, as well as vote in the poll, and we will discuss!


  • Stay on Cactuar
  • Transfer to a new server
  • I don’t care either way

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Very intersting results so far.

Honestly, I hope housing opens up when the free transfers start, but I wouldn’t be opposed to transferring servers if it meant that we could get some nice housing. That would be awesome. The Free Company would only be better for it.

Yeah I looked into this some more and found that even on the least populated servers, almost every plot is taken… Whether we transfer or not, it’s gonna be difficult to get housing. The best time to snatch something up is probably going to be when another FC transfers off and loses their current house.

FYI, it looks like auto demolition of abandoned lots is recommencing as of patch 4.57. It may increase our odds of getting a plot.
Recommencement of Automatic Demolition on Aether/Primal Data Centers


Good luck! I remember wanting to get a medium house to replace my small one. It’s nearly impossible. If you start buying up all the small houses it’s a good way to start to “take over” a neighborhood. That’s what we did in another guild.

They will add ishgard housing in Shadowbringers. Probably the best way to get a house with your friends is to buy them when they open a new ward. You basically have to log on when maintenance ends when they are adding new wards or a new district, how i got my medium and large house.

I managed to get a house on Cactuar when they added Shirogane housing. If they are adding new wards/housing district, that is honestly the best time to do it. The closer you can be logged in to when the servers open, better chance you have though! I logged in around 6 am PST and a large chunk were already gone on Cactuar.

Housing in FFXIV is kind of a mess, but if you are patient and keep trying, it is possible even on a busy server. The auto demo starts back up again soon too so I would check the housing boards daily about 45 days after that starts!

I wish you guys luck! :smiley:

Thanks for the input guys.

My current thoughts are that we should stay put where we are and do as you suggested, be patient and actively looking for plots to open up. Transferring will potentially complicate things more than they need to be. Hopefully everyone will agree with me on that. I think when we discussed it initially, we weren’t really aware of how difficult it truly is to get housing, even on a low pop server.

Ok - if they are adding new housing with the expansion, what you can do is take advantage of this! ( speaking to what i did over a year ago ) Many people will be hot to take a house in the new section, when the new section releases pick one of the original sections, and pick a few wards that are half way down the list and “stake” out any claims from people abandoning their old places. People can only have one house now - so you “should” be able to pick up houses that people have to leave in the event of the new wards. You will likely see some open up a week to a few days before they release as well. Keep an eye on houses who start to pack up or clean up their inventory. Also keep an eye out on any guilds on the forums (and reddit) stating that they are moving to the new section. I even went to the point to check out the guild’s website and forums to see if they were announcing to their guild that they were leaving to the new district.

All of these strategies helped me double the number of plots that my old guild had members controlling. By the end of this we had roughly 3/4 of our ward owned by various members of the guild. You’ll want to save a lot of gold in the guild bank and when it comes to release day allow officers to provide assistance with buying the smaller houses etc.

Good luck!

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