Shadowlands 9.0 Mythic Raiding

Note: These requirements are subject to change as we are still in the pre-patch phase. I will update this post when a launch date for Castle Nathria is announced.

Here are the requirements for Mythic raiding going into Shadowlands.

  1. Highest stat enchants available.
  2. Highest stat consumables available.
  3. The ability to learn and work as a team in all aspects of raiding, including but not limited to the proper execution of mechanics, gearing strategies, listening to strategies as directed by the Raid Lead/Raid Assist, and learning from mistakes.
  4. A 70% average parse based on current item level. (Some exception may apply depending on the nature of the fight and strategy used to kill the boss).
  5. A high attendance (85-90%).
  6. Alts - Team members will not be required to have multiple toons. If a player does choose have 2 equally geared/performing toons there will not be any issues to sub one for the other depending on the boss fight. However, mains will be preferred over alts especially when/if we have members sitting on the bench to make compositions. Example, 2 team members are equally geared/performing but 1 member is on an alt. The main will have priority.
  7. The understanding that you must participate in the Heroic Raids. You cannot only show up for Mythic.

I like the 70% parse, I’m curious on your thoughts on how we’d track it? Something as simple as the last 5 heroic parses and average them out, or maybe a longer tracking.

I envision a mythic roster sheet that includes everybody who signed up interested in mythic and we just update weekly based on logs for some requirements. (parsing and attendance)

Warcraft logs tracks it. Cox had a way of pulling that stat from the Warcraft log character page into the excel sheet but that feature has changed in the excel sheet.

Example of how Warcraft Logs tracks it. We may need to adjust the 70% since the first few weeks we’ll do horrible most likely or we can base it on All Star Points since it is Warcraft Logs attempt to minimize DPS from padding. Maybe we use a combination of both? Basically this “70% parse” clause to to encourage raiders to try hard to push the limits of their dps because we need high dps, raid awareness and execution of mechanics to succeed in Mythic.

Cool, now I feel stupid for doing all that crap manually in the past.