Shadowlands Guild Meeting - 11/12/20

SEV (Open the meeting)

Hey everyone! Welcome to the big Shadowlands Guild meeting – finally! We’ve been looking forward to this meeting, and we know everyone is excited for the new xpac, so we have LOTS to share with you guys. Thank you for taking the time to be here! I’m going to be your hostess with the mostest tonight, and we’ll try to get through it all in a reasonable amount of time, we promise! There will be notes posted to the forums after the meeting. One quick note: we will have a Q&A section at the very end. So if you have questions already, or if you think of any in the course of the meeting, PLEASE jot them down and hold on to them for the Q&A. It’s much appreciated! And as always, if you aren’t comfortable asking your question during the meeting, you can always reach out to an officer on the side. Remember, someone else might be wondering the same thing, so ask away!

For those who may not know, the Horde guild of Evolved was created during BFA. So Shadowlands is our first expansion launch as a guild, and we are super excited to be heading into it with all of you! The guild has grown so much since the early days, and we are very proud of the community we have here. I know I am looking forward to new content, new challenges, and lots of laughs with you guys. To everyone who is returning from a long break, we’re glad to see you again! And for all of our new friends, WELCOME to the guild! And to those of you who have stuck it out with us for awhile, including this awesome officer team, you guys make this place what it is and I am truly grateful for all of you. Onwards!

Before I hand it over to Eskey, I just have a few things I wanted to touch on.

  1. Guild Bank: PLEASE do not empty your bags into the guild bank – that’s not what it is there for. Low level items, previous expansion items, and the like should not be deposited. That said, we always welcome donations! If you have current-expansion food or whatever that you would like to contribute, please deposit it in the appropriate tabs.

  2. Discord:
    – We use Discord frequently to share important information, so if you do not have the WoW-H tag, you may be missing things! You can add that tag yourself up in the Jedbot channel. We also pin important information, so if you are wondering about something, please be sure to check the announcements channel as well as the pins in each channel – odds are the answer to your question is already there! If you are not sure how to add the WoW-H tag, or if you are not sure how to check the pins, just shoot me a DM and we’ll get you all set.
    – Just a friendly reminder to watch your language in voice chats. I’m plenty guilty of swearing myself, but we should aim to keep that at a minimum, and we should always mind the topics we chat about. You never know what others may be uncomfortable with, or if they are on speakers with little ones in the room.

  3. If you get and update your addons through Twitch, this is a reminder that CurseForge will be gone from Twitch on December 12th. CurseForge will be moving to Overwolf, but there are other resources for maintaining your addons if you would rather. There is a Wowhead article that will be linked in these meeting notes, as well as posted in Discord after the meeting.

  1. Please know that the officer team is here for you. If you have questions, if there is something you are concerned about, if you notice a problem – please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us. We’re all available through Discord DMs, myself included. We can’t help if we don’t know something is going on, so just holler. We’ve got you guys!

With that said, next up is the man, the myth, the legend – Eskey!

ESKEY (Events and more!)

Hey guys, Shelldons dad here, Eskey.

I just wanted to say thanks to all our members on the Horde side for being so awesome, and thank you to everyone that continues to support our community. I am excited about our growth and am looking forward to making a lot of new friends as they join fresh or come back for Shadowlands.

Speaking of, the expansion is going to bring us a lot of exciting content to do together. I’m hoping that the changes to gear and new dungeons and raids will refresh the game for everyone and bring more people back into WoW.

I wanted to go over a general rule from our code of conduct:

Cliques: A lot more people are about to join our ranks, and it’s ok to play with your friends, but as a member in World Of Warcraft Horde (Area-52) we expect you to “spread yourself around” a bit. Please always try and group with different people at different times for the betterment of the Guild. Excluding individuals purposely (other than they don’t meet requirements), is prohibited.

Since Kyarel was promoted to raid assist, I will be running the Events show for now. We do have a weekly lottery set-up that helps out the guild bank, and makes one lucky soul rich every week. If you’ve never joined , it’s a lot of fun! WoW-H Evolved Lottery SHADOWLANDS EDITION

I wanted to come up with some ideas for Guild events! If anyone has any ideas, or would enjoy seeing something I would love to hear some from the guild! I will be making a forum post so keep an eye open for that.

Some ideas include a Naked Gnome race with the alliance again, except we are the hosts! A Speed run of instance and raids from older tiers, Pirating, where we eat a Savory Delight, and take over a ship or zeplin somewhere and destroy some Alliance, and darts where we jump off a high mountain and try to land the closest to a raid marker. There may be prizes, or just bragging rights for many of these events! Please reply on the post with any ideas you may have.

The last thing I wanted to go over was that we are going to be removing the #shadowlands-spoiler chat text channel in discord and replacing it with a guides/helpful information channel where the officers can post videos and links to the guides we make on the forums for y’all.

We have a lot more to go over, and everything said here tonight will be written up and posted publicly on the community forum for you. Thanks a lot everyone.

AELLICE (Recruitment)

Recruitment has been going amazingly. Thank you to everyone who has helped in any way, and thank you Evolved for making the new players feel so welcome. Welcome to everyone new to the guild, we hope you enjoy being here as much as we love having you!

It has been almost a year since our last full raid meeting, and since then we have grown to over 800 characters with over 300 accounts. There have been a lot of changes since the last meeting, and we’re going into a brand new expansion as a guild for the first time. There will be bumps in the road but we will overcome them like we always do. So hang on to your seats, we’re in for the best ride ever.

Anyone who is interested can help out with recruitment. When a new reddit post is made, it will be posted in H-chat, and if you have an account, please upvote it! Also, anyone in the guild can bump our recruitment posts in the WoW forums. We try to keep them bumped once a day, and the links can be found in the very first post of the WoW-H-Announcements section of discord. It looks better to potential recruits if more than just us officers are bumping the posts, so please consider helping if you have a free minute. You can also help by answering questions new members might have about the guild, or directing them to an appropriate officer if they have questions that you just don’t understand.

And if you’re extremely dedicated to helping the community grow and welcoming new players, you can join our Community Guides! This is the group of players who help to make sure that new members learn how our community works, answers questions, and works to organize fun community-wide events to help people from the multiple guilds have fun together. If you liked our jackbox and trivia nights, or enjoy Discord’s Cards against Humanity bot, and want to see more of these events, consider lending the Community Guides a hand.

We will continue growing through Shadowlands and beyond, so thank you everyone who helps welcome new players to our community.

GRIMMIE (Recruitment cont’d, Community info)

Hello from Grimmie!
Hey all - my role with the WoW-H guild is to help out Aellice with recruitment. We both analyze the game forums and Reddit for potential new members to fit our community. It’s very likely that it was one of us that recruited you here! I’ll keep it short and simple since Aellice has already covered recruitment in depth, here are our recruitment links:

-The Official WoW Forums-

-Area 52 Thread-

Additionally, I have another role within Evolved as the Vice President for the Board of Directors that supports that Triumvirate leadership. This position takes the role of President ( who is @Taevarth) if the President is absent. Records the official minutes for all meetings and ensures they are published for members in a timely manner. Should you ever want propose new ideas or changes to the community, I am the go to for getting that set up for the next organizational meeting.

Here is a link to our charter:

Additionally, if you are newer to our community - take a look at my write ups for the annual history of Evolved here:

and (postponed to 2021 hopefully due to Covid)


On the 12th I’m going to push my small Great Vault write-up (The Great Vault and You) over to the full forums.

The weekly mythic chest is fundamentally the same as it currently is in BFA, but it being expanded to give players more choice on the piece of gear that they get. I have done a small write-up on the forums to try and simplify some of the other guides out there (the wowhead guide is very good, and worth a read for more in-depth info). At the end of the day, the more time you put into your content of choice, the more choices you will have at the end of the week for what you get (you still only get one item out of your weekly chest).

Potential changes to Mythic+ Mondays at the beginning of Shadowlands. For the first few weeks of Shadowlands hard carrying people through keys will be much more difficult. When Mythic+ is released in SL we will start with a system when Mythic+ Monday is getting groups together to help run the key that you currently have, until we get to a point where we have more people that can carry others in higher keys than they would normally be able to complete with the gear they have.

With a new expansion comes new affixes, and changes to some of the existing affixes.

  • The Spiteful Affix is very similar to the ghosts from the Sunken Temple dungeon. Whenever any mob dies, it will summon a Spiteful Shade creature nearby that will fixate a random player. These can be targeted by the other players and killed, or can just be kited away by the targeted player (kiting away is likely the better choice, as they don’t live very long).
  • The Storming Affix is very similar to Volcanic in that they’re both environment mechanics. Random Tornadoes will spawn around enemy creatures while in combat. If you are a melee player, this is an affix you will want to familiarize yourself with as moving out of the way of them when they spawn will be very important.

Removed Affixes

  • Teeming, Skittish

Returning Affixes

  • Bursting - now a magic effect that can be dispelled
  • Volcanic - now deals less dmg and knocks placers into the air
  • Sanguine - now with less duration
  • Grievous
  • Explosive

New Seasonal Affixes

  • With a new Season comes a new Seasonal Affix, which will automatically be applied to all Keystones Level 10 or higher. For Shadowlands Season 1, this affix is Prideful. Similar to the BFA Season 2 Seasonal Affix, Reaping, at every 20% Enemy Forces (aka Trash Count), players will spawn a Manifestation of Pride near their location. Manifestation of Pride has a base health of ~189k and will scale up with key level (~30% of bosses’ health).

For more information about these affixes, please check the following links:

Feel free to come to me with any questions you might have with the weekly chest or mythic+ changes.

JESTER (Raiding)

General Raiding

  • Key roles will go to raiders who can be present for 90%+ of raids. We will try to be as fair as possible, and we ask that tanks/healers have viable DPS offspecs. For the tank role, for progression, we will be keeping the tanks as static as possible. This does not mean that if you want to tank and don’t get a tank spot right away that you will never tank. Eventually we can swap like the healers etc, but for initial clears and progression, keeping the same tanks each night helps dramatically with strats and communication.

  • Progression = wipes. Please listen for fast recoveries. If we say don’t release, don’t. We get mistakes happen but try to be attentive.

  • Progression = DPS/HPS/Tanks know how to tank checks etc. If you routinely fail mechanics or do not listen to officers you will be asked to leave the raid. This does not mean you are “off the team.” It just means that you have the time to read up on the fight and try and figure out what’s going wrong.

  • Help!!! - If you are struggling you are always welcome to ask for help. Shoot an officer a whisper, or hit us up after raid. (If you whisper me during raid there’s a good chance I won’t see it.) Myself or any other officer will be more than happy to go over logs etc with you to help you improve. There are sites available as well that can help you out as well (wowanalyzer + logs). We can help you go over those etc. M+ and other content is also another great place to practice your rotation etc.

  • Play What You Want - Pick the covenant that makes you happy, play the class that makes you happy, don’t worry about the meta. Don’t tell people they picked the wrong covenant, be kind rewind, etc…

Raid Plans
Looking at two raid teams. These will be balanced and we rarely “need” a specific class or role.

  • First assignment out the gate
    • Will try our best to meet preferences
    • Family stays together (husband/wife/ etc.) other requests will be accommodated as we can.
  • Second BIG shuffle
    • Will happen about 2-4 weeks after raid release to equalize the teams
    • NO TEAM A / TEAM B
  • Maintaining raid teams as needed
    • After the second big shuffle no more shuffles will occur or be scheduled but will be performed on an as needed basis.
  • Sign ups will be put up and announced for all to have a chance! Everyone will have an opportunity to apply. They will also close one to two days prior to the first raid day so we can properly perform the first team assignment
  • This is not an ELITE team and the leftovers.
  • The goal for the split is to be as even as possible- ideally within 1 boss kill of progression of each other.
  • We are and always will be an AOTC guild.
    • We will still progress/farm Heroic AND if we dabble in mythic it will be on an off raid night.
    • IF/WHEN we decide to dabble, rules will be posted for the mythic team- one team WILL NOT become heroic and the other mythic both teams will still be “AOTC” teams.


  • Raid Schedule and Rules

  • If you are planning on raiding, you will need the add-ons listed. During progression we utilize the notes function of Exorsus a ton so please get used to having a little notes box up. (/rt note reminder)

  • Once raid teams are set up, please make sure you know which team you are on to whisper the correct RL/RA for raid formation. This helps reduce confusion and doesn’t slow us down. (Our goal is always to start pulling right at 8:30 server.)

  • Try to check the wow-h-raid-chat frequently, especially during progression. If myself or another officer posts a strat we are going to use, we expect you to have a basic understanding of it prior to raid. This means watching a video or reading the post BEFORE raid. Not before the boss or as we are pulling trash to get there. Our goal is to get there and get face time on the boss, not sit and wait around while people go and watch a video etc.

  • During progression especially try to keep comms as clear as possible. (This includes the rule for all raiders to have PTT activated and this applies to Sunday/Alt raids as well.)

    • Everyone can hear call outs during fight
    • Everyone will know that the fight is about to start
    • Everyone can prepare for their openers
  • Addons, food, flask, etc. still required

    • Goal is to provide as much as we can for raids during progression. Guild Lotto helps but can’t be the only source any materials donated would be awesome!
    • When we throw down the cauldron at the beginning of raid we will also put down a guild bank – please trade a flask for a flask. Throw in the flask you brought for the raid (which per rules is required) and grab one from the cauldron! (This should allow everyone to pull a flask from 2 cauldrons each)
  • After 3-4 wipes (real wipes not RNG or anything like that) we may/will enforce the sit rule. If you are sat for a boss for mechanics or dps or anything else please know it’s not personal if you stick around we can/will bring you into the next boss. We do not make these decisions lightly but we have to keep the raid progressing and moving along.

    • It is okay to leave group on progression bosses, no one is going to judge you. I personally hate to kick anyone from the raid group, so do it yourself. If you keep dying within a minute into the fight on several pulls, let one of the officer know that you’re leaving group and going to be on discord watching a live stream of the other players in group. Do the same if you are doing low DPS. When we kill the boss and moving onto the next boss, join back in the group by whispering the word “invite” to one of the officer in raid. Ask what you can do for the raid, not what the raid can do for you.

NIICCKK (Raiding cont’d)

Loot Rules - In these last few weeks of Ny’alotha we have been doing Free-for-All loot in the Heroic raid. Once we get to Castle Nathria and are on progression again, the loot rules will go back to as written in the Raid Rules post.

Raid Schedule Adjustments - Right not, the Main Raid is Wedsnesday and Thursday, from 8:30pm - 10:30pm. Earlier this year, a third raid night was added on Saturdays, and then was discontinued when no longer needed. Sometimes only raiding 4 hours a week can make progression feel slow, so we wanted to put it up to a vote. After the meeting, a poll will be posted to the forums. What we are looking at is:

  1. Keep the schedule as it is - Weds/Thurs 8:30-10:30pm.
  2. Two nights, but extend each night by 30 minutes. So 8:30-11pm.
  3. Add the third raid night back in. Night to be voted on if this option is chosen.

Raid Leader - RL’s word is law. If you would like to discuss alternate strategies, you can send a pm to the RA or another officer (RL is busy and will likely miss them). Tactics will not be discussed over discord except in the context of what your job is for that particular fight.

KYAREL (Raiding cont’d)

Technique Resources:

  • We will be posting a forum post that will act as a reference for raiders to find videos to each raid boss as well as written guides of the videos as well. This guide will be posted the week before raid launch (Dec 1st).

Main Switches:

  • Raider main switches will be limited to once every 12 weeks once we have the raid on farm. During progression you are allowed one, and only one, main swap per the raid rules. It is one-way (no swapping back and forth between old main/new main).

Open Raid:

  • Sunday Night open raids will begin 3 weeks after the raid opens or after normal is cleared, whichever comes first.

Raid absences:

  • Be sure to post in the absences channel when you are going to be late/out. It is going to be very important when we begin progression raiding so the raid leaders and assistants can be prepared for any changes that will be coming.
  • Be sure to keep the channel clean. No comments on reasons why people are late. Keep that to the chat channel.


Encouragement / Gearing up for Raid

Please make an effort on maximizing ways to upgrade your gear for raid (better ilvl you have the better you “CAN” do in the game).

Blizzard has made it important to not focus on a single form of gear collection.

Crafted gear will be very strong early on in the expansion. If you have a profession that matches your armor type for your class spending time leveling it up can be beneficial.


  • Doing dungeons throughout the week is an easy way to gain gear.
  • Heroics are the starting point of end game, when you hit max level try your best to make your way to these dungeons for early gear and to get you familiar with the dungeon mechanics as well.
  • Mythic 0’s will give you a chance per boss to loot an item that could be an upgrade for you.
  • Mythic +'s will give base 1 item at the end of dungeon and up to 3 items depending on how fast your group completes the dungeon.
  • (Try to create groups within the guild with matching armor types, that way if someone gets and item they don’t need they can trade it to someone else.) [This is more difficult for clothies.]

Obtaining these powerful items can give your character a large boost in effectiveness. These will take time and money to obtain.

(We may do a separate guide on our forums later, but wowhead currently has a nice writeup that will change as things do before launch.)

Q&A with Sev & Friends!

What are we going to be doing for PvP as a guild?

  • We’ve talked about having a more organized PvP presence, but haven’t had a lot of interest. It is something we would like to do, but have not had the ability to do so based off knowledge.

Can we start raid time a half an hour earlier?

  • Short answer is no. If we get to 10:30 and you aren’t able to hang out for an additional half hour, it is OK. Extra time is optional in raids.
  • There are three options. Extend by a half an hour. Add a third raid night. Keep things the same.

When both teams have content on farm, can we switch between teams?

  • Once we are full clearing regularly, we can discuss something like this. two teams is new for all the leadership and we don’t want to make promises just yet.

How long of a timeframe before the first raid comes out?

  • Two weeks. Normal/Heroic come out December 9th.

Will we have class leaders?

  • Nopers. Reach out to officers and they can get you to someone who knows the class/spec you’ve been looking at.
  • If you feel like you are comfortable with your class, let us know so that we can utilize you as a resource.
  • Officers are bureaucratic in Evolved.

With raid schedules as is, are we looking at taking a break during the holidays?

  • We have not decided fully. Alliance will leave it on the schedule and if they don’t have enough show up, they don’t stress it.
  • If a raid is going to fall on a holiday, we will most likely cancel.
  • Weird year for holidays. We might be bored on holidays because we’re locked in our homes hiding from the COVID monster.
  • If you can’t make it, just post in the absences channel!

Are you guys still doing any current content for mounts?

  • We do Jaina/AOTC mounts on Thursdays. There are sign ups for those in the forums.

Main character is in the guild. Whats the status of alts in the guild?

  • Up until now its been a FFA. We are getting close to cap.
  • If we need to, we may switch from 3-month inactivity removal to 2-month removal.

Raid opens pretty quickly after the expansion. Are there going to be any people that won’t be at max level right away?

  • Specifically for the intiial raid sign ups we will be closing the sign ups.
  • Just because you are not max level at the beginning it does not mean that you won’t raid during the tier.
  • Once you hit max level, there will be other players to help you whenever you need gear.
  • Aellice will probably not make it to the raid. Its casual. Officers have life happen too.

Where are raid signups?

  • Forums.

Clarification on raid signups: Will we signup on the google spreadsheet?

  • See question above.