Shadowlands Information

General Info

All of the below information is for the purpose of Shadowlands. We would love to come together as a community and add things throughout the Shadowlands Expansion. If you see something we have missed just leave a reply and we will add it to the list. Best of luck in Shadowlands

Please keep in mind for everything in this guide don’t try and beat anyone, just try and better yourself. You are not going to get good if you don’t practice and try different things. Not any one thing is good for everyone so attempt new things.

Things to do before release.

  • Empty out your quest log
  • Empty out your Bags
  • Clear out Bank / Reagents
  • Sell all your previous expansion items
  • Stock up on Food, Flasks and anything else to assist you in leveling
  • Pick a Ground mount cause you’re not flying any more

Things to do at the start of Shadowlands.

  • Log onto all your alts so they start collecting rested XP
  • Find where profession vendors are and get your professions
  • Make sure to have plenty of Snacks and Fluids
  • Get up and walk around every few hours

Quick Links to Below Sections

Leveling, Addons & Covenants


The Shadowlands expansion comes with many leveling changes including a level squish! Level 120 players were squished in Pre-Patch to level 50 with the max level of the expansion being 60. In addition, leveling will be much faster and you’ll get to choose which expansion’s story you wish to play through.

Class Leveling Guides


If you’re familiar with any of WoW’s addons, you may well have the Twitch App installed to help manage them. Unfortunately, the addon section of the Twitch App is being removed on November 17 and will be replaced with a new desktop app from Overwolf. But if you’d prefer to find an alternative, there are a number of other addon managers out there that do the job just as well.


In the Shadowlands, each zone will have one of four Covenants: the Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord or Night Fae. You’ll be introduced to them through the Shadowlands story and at max level, you’ll get to join one of them and get access to their rewards, including a class-specific Covenant ability, a Covenant movement ability, unique transmogs and more!

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Dungeons, Mythic Plus & Toghast

Dungeon Basics

  • There are four difficulties consisting of Normal (50-60), Heroic (60), Mythic (60), and Mythic+ (60).

  • There are 8 dungeons in Shadowlands. Of these dungeons, 4 are available for leveling players, with another 4 available at max level.

The item level of dropped gear depends on the difficulty of the dungeon and Shadowlands will not contain Warforging or Titanforging.

  • Normal Dungeons drops Item Level 158 gear at Level 60.

  • Heroic Dungeons drops Item Level 171 gear.

  • Mythic Dungeons drops Item Level 184 gear.

To queue for Heroic Dungeons through the Dungeon Finder, you must be a certain item level (157), but you can walk in with a premade group at any point.

Mythic Plus

Shadowlands is the first time since Legion where new affixes will be added to the Affix Rotation! In addition, the seasonal affix of Prideful will be active and you’ll get to experience all these in the 8 brand new Shadowlands dungeons.

End of Dungeon Loot

Compared to Battle for Azeroth, the base amount of loot that will drop from a Mythic+ dungeon has been decreased to 1 (down from 2).

However, the bonuses that increase the amount of loot dropped seem to continue to apply.

  • +1 Loot for timing the key.
  • Stacking 20% increased chance for a piece of loot for every Key Level above 15.

This means that timing the key is even more important when trying to gear up!

Changes in Reward system in Shadowlands for Mythic Plus

  • The chest in the end will only reward you with one loot.
  • The weekly chest system is changed.
  • You will have 9 objectives that you can complete each week and 3 of them are tied to mythic plus dungeons.
  • The reward is still one loot, but the more objectives you complete, the more gear you can choose from.
  • This system is called The Great Vault.
    • To view the great vault and how you have been doing for the week make this into a macro.
      /run LoadAddOn(“Blizzard_WeeklyRewards”); WeeklyRewardsFrame:Show()
    • Mini Map icon addon

Links to Assist

Basic Routes for Mythic+ Dungeons Guide

This Basic Routes Guide contains simple routes for each dungeon, which will help you get comfortable with routing and using Mythic Dungeon Tools in Mythic+ dungeons. Mythic Dungeon Tools (MDT) is a powerful addon for Mythic+, which allows you to help plan your Routes for Mythic+ and share them with your party so you’re all on the same page as to what mobs and path you’re going to take.

These basic routes tend to contain minimal skips, while still optimizing Prideful spawns and are aimed at players who are just getting started in Mythic+, all the way to completing your Weekly +14 keystone. If you want more advanced routes that are tailored made for each week’s affixes, you can check out Dratnos’ Weekly Routes on Raider.IO.


This new type of dungeon offers instanced dynamic content. You will encounter new challenges every time you visit it, with changing floor layouts and enemy mob types. Every time you enter Torghast, you will have a new experience. Torghast has many levels and the challenges within will grow stronger as you progress up the tower. To help overcome these challenges, you can gather resources as you go to increase your power temporarily.

Perhaps the most important reward from Torghast is Soul Ash, which is required for crafting Legendary gear. Soul Ash is awarded upon completion of a Layer in one of the 6 Wingsof Torghast once per week per Wing . Each week, 2 wings are available. Note that running the Twisting Corridors does not earn Soul Ash.

Links to Assist

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Raiding & PvP


Always look for ways to better yourself through various websites, guides and amongst members of our community. Here in evolved we have a great opportunity to use Alliance and Horde members to bounce ideas off of for the betterment of raiding. Try and use every and all means to better yourself.

  • Warcraft logs are for Castle Nathria and are set on Heroic.

Class Discords

How to imporve

Warcraft Logs - is the analytical breakdown created by uploading a valid log to WarcraftLogs . Reports can be of one encounter, many encounters, wipes, kills, or any other combat which took place. A WarcraftLogs Parse is an individual players performance on a boss kill in any given report. Wondering how to use Warcraft Logs? See the Wowhead guide.

WoW Analyzer - Improve your performance with personal feedback and stats. Just enter the link of a Warcraft Logs report and you will be on your way to learning what you did good and what you need improvement on. Wondering how to use WoWAnalyzer? See the Wowhead guide.

Raidbots - The easiest way to Sim your character to see if the new item you got is good for you. Wondering how to use Raidbots? See the [Wowhead guide](Wondering how to use WoWAnalyzer? See the Wowhead guide. This video might help as well.

Castle Nathria

Learn all about Castle Nathria, the first raid of Shadowlands, including bosses, loot table, special rewards, and the raid unlock schedule. Castle Nathria, like most of Revendreth, has a gothic inspiration to it, heavily inspired by Dracula’s Castle.

Note: Not all Guides and Videos are updated for Live yet.


Shadowlands PvP Overview/guide

There are many new things coming to pvp in SL. From new maps for arena, pvp vendors coming back, new mounts, and crafted items. Below I will briefly go over what’s new and have links to individual class guides of who I would turn to for advice for any skill level. Thanks! Hope you all enjoy it.

PvP Vendor in Shadowlands

In Shadowlands, we will get PvP vendors back together with upgrading of PvP gear. There are 2 PvP vendors, the Assessor of Conflict (Purveyoe Zo´kuul) and the Master of Conflict (Zo´sorg) and an item upgrader, Facilitator of Conflict (Agressor Zo´dash).

  • These guys are located in the Enclave in Oribos.
  • These vendors are selling Weapons, gear, legendary powers and Soulbind Conduits.
  • The Assessor of Conflict is selling Unrated Gear and legendary power (for legendary gear crafting).
  • The Master of Conflict is selling Rated Gear and Soulbind Conduits.
  • The Facilitator of Conflict will help you upgrade PvP items.

PvP vendor sells Legendary Power

Except for Unrated Gear, The Assessor of Conflict also sells Legendary power. It doesn’t require any achievement for buying. If you have enough Shadowlands PvP Honor, then you can buy. There are 13 types of Legendary Power sold by the vendor. World of Warcraft has 12 classes. There is a Legendary power for each class and a general Legendary Power that all classes can use.

You buy the “Memory” from the vendor and head to the Legendary vendor crafting and give him that memory. In that way, he will remember how to make that power for your legendary crafting. Check out the guide on legendary crafting

Each Memory of Legendary power costs 1500 Honor of PvP.

PvP vendor sells Soulbind Conduits

Except for Rated Gear and weapons, The Master of Conflict also sells Soulbind Conduits. It doesn’t require any achievement for buying. If you have enough Conquest, then you can buy. We don’t know yet the prices for pvp vendor conduits. The PvP vendor has 48 Conduits in total with Finesse, Endurance and Potency conduits.

If you want to know how Conduits work, check out the Guide:

Shadowlands PvP Gear

In Shadowlands, there will be 2 things that will distinguish PvP gear from PvE:

  • Extra Versatility
  • PvP specific Set bonus

No matter if it is Honor gear or conquest gear.


The PvP gear will always have versatility together with one more secondary stat:

  • Vers and Haste
  • or, Vers and Crit
  • or, Vers and Mastery

Set Bonus

There is also a set bonus from PvP gear. This set bonus is given when having 2 sets of PvP trinkets.

Having two pvp trinkets will give you the bonus:

  • “The dmg and healing benefit of Versatility is increased by 20% when in Arenas, Battlegrounds, and War Mode.”

No matter if it is Honor gear or Conquest gear, the set bonus is the same.

PvP Currency

You will have two currencies for buying PvP gear, those are Shadowlands PvP Honor and Conquest. You will use Shadowlands PvP Honor for the unrated PvP vendor. You will also use Shadowlands PvP Honor for upgrading honor gear (Aspirant) and Conquest gear (Gladiator).

You will use Conquest for the Rated PvP vendor. Unrated Gear are items that do not require any achievement for buying. If you have enough Shadowlands PvP Honor, then you can buy. The equipment is called Aspirant’s gear and sold by The Assessor of Conflict.

Rated Gear

Costs Conquest to purchase. We don’t know the prices yet.

The ilvl of Rated Gear is 200 ilvl.

Rated Weapons

Costs Conquest and also requires you to complete the Achievement: Forged through Conquest. Shadowlands Season 1. This achievement requires you to earn 500 Conquest during Shadowlands Season 1.

The ilvl of Rated Weapons is 200 ilvl.

How Upgrade your PvP gear and weapons

The third NPC, Facilitator of Conflict (Aggressor Zo´dash) can upgrade any of the PvP gear and weapons, no matter if it is Rated or Unrated gear.

Upgrading Unrated Gear and Weapons

It costs Shadowlands PvP Honor for upgrading Unrated gear and weapons.

You can upgrade armor and weapons 6 times. From rank 1 to rank 6.

PvP Class info

Death Knight

Mes – The OG DK.

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead

Demon Hunter

Trenacetate, Pro DH, top ranked and good guides. Check out his YouTube Video

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead


Trillie – hit glad on every class in the game, played insane rank 1 on resto druid, plays all 3 specs. Check out the YouTube video

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead:


His name is Jellybeans, enough said. Also creates content weekly. YouTube video’s

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead


Xaryu, great at explaining, fun, non-tilting information. Check out his YouTube video

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead


Trill, one of the best arena players period. Soak up his amazingness.

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead


Savix, King of the Meme’s. Check out his YouTube Video’s

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead

Priest (shadow focus)

Anboni – Shadow priest with Disc guides. Been playing Shadow since before WoW was a game. Check out hit YouTube Video to see why.

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead


Pikaboo, tons of content, pro rogue plays.

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead


Tiqqle, good guy, plays all 3 specs. Check out his YouTube Video’s

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead


Chanimal I would argue the best warlock to ever pvp. He does this professionally. Every tournament he is a beast!

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead


Bajheera, Been in the game for a very long time. He has hundreds of warrior videos. He plays mainly arms, but does show fury guides and gameplay. Check out the YouTube Channel

Quick Simple pvp breakdown from wowhead

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Crafting, Gold Making & Pet Battles


It does not matter what profession you had before, you start from a specific “skill level 1 – shadowlands”. You can pick whatever profession you want and still be on the same level as anyone else when starting shadowlands.

Legendary Gear - Crafting your own Legendary Armor is one of the new features in the Shadowlands expansion. This guide tells you more about the whole process and explains what you need to do in order to craft your first Legendary item.

Gold Making

Gold Making at the beginning of the Xpack is always the best. Basically just grab two gathering professions and harvest as much and as fast as possible. The first 2 weeks are always the craziest on the auction house with how much materials go for. So sell EVERYTHING.

For everything else check out the links below and start your gold making today.

Pet Battles

What’s New in Shadowlands for Pet Battles?

Though it is early stages, we have quite a bit of information available for what to expect for pet battles in Shadowlands. It seems as though we’re going to get a lot of new pets, with a variety of new abilities, as well as changes to old ones. It also seems like we’ll be getting the usual world quests and trainers. PvP pet battles may be getting an update, with a new placeholder spell.

  • A tonne of new battle pets!
  • New battle pet abilities
  • Old pet battle abilities are being changed
  • New pet battle world quests
  • Possibly new PvP mechanics - Pet Battle PvP Power - Your pet’s abilities have a high chance to trigger Fluffy Victory, increasing their damage by 88 against other players’ pets for 15 sec.

For everything else check out the links below and start your pet battling today.

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Thanks to all Members for gathering you all and any extra information to help this guide be complete. Big community effort when it comes to guides like this one. So thank you.

Aellice - Creating a Pet Battle Guide.
Elmurn - Creating a Great Vault and you guide.
Helzar - Found Mythic plus info by Tank Notes
Kyarel - Great Vault Minimap Icon
Nightshroud - Providing link for Lego recipe drop locations.
Swim - Getting me to add the mythic plus loot change for end of dungeon.
Taevarth - For completely compiling all the information for the PvP section.