Shadowlands Reagent Farming Contests

Shadowlands Farming Contest

In this post, you will find the written guides to the Shadowlands farming contests that will be held weekly.

Google Dock Hyperlink: (Coming Soon)

Participation Eligibility:

  • Member of the Area52-Horde guild
  • Donate all farmed materials through the guild bank into the respective bank tab (To be determined at a later date)

Donation Process:

To donate the respective crafting reagents, you MUST donate the item into the respective bank tab (to be determined on or before Shadowlands release date).

Donations will be tracked through each reset. For example, season 1 of Shadowlands begins on November 10th. The winner will be determined by the previous week’s (ie. Nov. 3rd through Nov. 9th) donations and announced on the 10th.

There will also be a Google Doc for you to track your donations in for each week. You are responsible for the tracking of your donations through the Google Doc as a secondary method to ensure all donations are accurately reported. Donations reported in the Google Doc will be verified by the logs in the guild bank.

Eligible Crafting Reagents & Scoring:

Each herb, ore, and fish will be worth 2x points. Each cloth, leather, hides, scales, bones, and meat will be worth 1x point.

Please note that scoring is subject to change as the expansion continues and we find certain reagents are harder to come by than others. Please feel free to submit feedback to Kyarel via Discord if you feel that any of the scores seem off-balance.

Scoring will take the following format:

Kyarel donates 40 Death Blossom, 10 Oxxein Ore, and 300 Shrouded Cloth. Kyarel’s total score would be 400 points, broken down as 80 points for the Death Blossom, 20 points for the Oxxein Ore, and 300 points for the Shrouded Cloth.

Listed below are the eligible crafting reagents for the contest.
NOTE: Any updates to the scoring system will be placed directly next to the herb/reagent's listing here.


Ores and Stones:



Leather, Hides, Scales, and Bones:


Prizes & Eligibility:

One grand prize winner will be awarded per week based on the total number of items they have donated through the designated guild bank tab.

A second and third place winner will receive 5K and 2.5K gold respectively for their contributions.

You are ineligible to receive the grand prize two weeks in a row. If you donate the most, you will be defaulted to 2nd place.

Listed below are the options for the Grand Prize:


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