Sign Ups for Heroic Jailer Mount

If you still need the Heroic Jailer Mount, Carcinized Zerethsteed, sign up below. We’ll be running people through to get it starting tomorrow. Probably only do one or two people a night - or no more than an hour each Friday/Saturday (whatever day it ends up happening - we’ll announce day of/when we know).

Include your toon name and your forum or Discord name.


I’d love to try to snag that mount.

Toon: Hønky
Discord: HonkyKong64#5711

Haven’t gotten jailer mount yet. Famene-Proudmoore in the Alliance guild. Jukas#4613 on discord


Toon: Catacwysm
Discord/Forum Name: Cataclysm

Gnazima, Natalia, Proudmoore, Alliance

Completed 8/27/22

Taylrshift | Glimmer

Toon: Starisse
Discord/Forum: Star

Toon: Vahlx
Discord: Vahlx#1367
Forum: Vahlx

If I can be helpful and current gear state I’d love to go next.

Area 52 - Demonicdayer
Discord - Dayer

Discord/Toon Name: Peetra

Toon: Ruichan-Proudmoore
Discord: Ruichan

finally got my gear past 240, i can do it any night there is avail, flexible on my part

Rowkyn- Alliance Proudmore
Discord: Rowk#4961

Would like to run for the mount. Thank you in advance for helping non raiding guildies like me …toon name-Inaboo and discord name-Queen Inanna :grinning:

i could go for a good mount

Toon: Xatmo
Discord: Nickname(Xatmo) - Xat#2503

Discord: Ockeghem
Proudmoore: Whiskyjim

I’m geared enough to count for dps I think, mostly done normal. Would love to join for mount tonight, if room. Thanks!

Hello, I’d love a shot.

Toon: Moonblood (A52)
Discord: pepperknight

Would like to go for the mount
Toon: Marzs (proudmore)
Discord: Marzs

Toon: Baalvakrif-Proudmoore
Forum/Discord: ComediaNoob

Done 10/7

If possible I would like to get in.

Proudmoore - Rencelak
Discord - Rencelak

Done 10/7

Piedray (disc) and Piedray#9119 (WoW-A) would love to join in! Thanks!

I am waitlisted for the main raid tonight though, if that’s a factor.

Done 10/7