So.. now what?

I hope I’m not stepping on any toes, certainly not my intent. I do feel like there’s a bit of a question in the air though and I think the forums might be a good/better place to chat about it than say discord.

I absolutely don’t want to chat about why, that’s personal and not topical, but it does seem like there are a lot of people are looking for something other-than WoW. Since Evolved is a WoW guild first, I completely understand if this is a “we have some other games but no real ‘guild level’ changes needed” situation. In truth, I might be blowing something way out of proportion just because I’m involved and “we’re good, it’s on you” might be the exact right guild level response.

But I have to ask: have I effectively cut myself off from Evolved due to my decisions about blizzard? Not in a “get out we hate you” kind of way, of course, but is that more or less the practical reality?

Well first and for most we are not a WoW guild first. Its just the game we started with to build the community as well as the games that have been going the strongest. We have said over the past 4 days that there is more to Evolved then just WoW and we encourage people to explore the games we do offer… Those games currently consist of

New World

Today we even did a @ mention for members to go to forums and potential post about games they might be interested via the poll. The sad truth is members dont want to attempt to create a game with in evolved. Lots say its too much work and us as Tri/Board should be doing it. But we dont have time to keep starting up games we want you… the members to attempt what we did many years ago.

We know and understand that people are hurting due to blizzard. But this is the chance to branch out and go to other games. So please do so.

Im always on discord if you want to voice chat… come and say hello.

Hopefully I didn’t come across as rude. I can only imagine the last 4 days have been pretty stressful for you guys (sorry to add to it!)

I’ve definitely been in the “fix it for me” crowd, hoping there were somehow a magical fix for a decision I made :roll_eyes:

In terms of trying to change that, or even exploring the idea of interest in another game at all, have you found that the forums work well? Discord gets overwhelming and I’m probably only able to read maybe 5-10% of what goes on there. Seems like “bigger” questions about general interests would be totally buried before I’d likely see them.

I’ve done some poking around and would love to be able to ask everybody “who’s interested in Ashes of Creation? Interested enough to buy into the ___ stage?” Just not really sure how best to do that. Or noticed that someone else probably already has :flushed:

Nope not rude at all. No stress what so ever. This is what we do. There is no Magical fix. You as a gamer just need to figure out what you want to do for your self and go for it. No system works well. Discord or forums cause people dont pay attention then get upset when they miss information when the sad truth its there own fault cause they dont check the Pins, Announcements, @ mention inbox or forums.

If things get burred that just means again… sad part… its on you. People dont like discord… people dont like forums and well… people dont like reading. maybe out of all the information we provide for the community maybe 10% read it out of 1000+ members.

You say that you have done some poking around… but we do have ashes on our forums as a poll… did you not see it… its been there since April 6th… so almost 4 months now… go check it out.

Gaming Poll Post

Also information on how to create a game is there as well. This is stuff we have been communicating to the community every month for almost 3 years now… We want to explore new games… but people dont take the time to follow what we have layed out for them. Maybe they will now? Maybe people will ask questions now that the game the loved is no longer the game they love?

Time tells the only truth.

I saw that, there’s a larger more recent poll at the end - thought it was a superset. Oops!

Reading is unpopular, no doubt. Given 1000+ members and only 22 responses to that original poll I think the answer to “which works best?” is unequivocally discord. Good to know!

Nature of the beast people dont scroll up to scroll down :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reaching out!Being a “ wow first” guild was something we never really wanted but it happened. We are always looking for people to help expand our community by leading and/or participating in new games; however, very few step up to wanting to lead. ( thank you @Torvi for doing it !) please encourage your friends to consider establishing a new chapter with Evolved - it’s not that scary , I promise !

We’ve started with today’s polls as a way to start the conversation, again, due to the high needs recently. I really hope to see a couple more games added ! Normally, I would be right on it myself to start something but I am for what seems like a forever wait for my internet. ( it’s due mid to late 2021)

Let me know if there anything I can do to help!